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June 30, 2024


Apple’s Vision Pro Is Amazing But Nobody Wants One

After much anticipation and fanfare, in February 2024 Apple released its contribution to the mixed reality headset market. Without a doubt, the Vision Pro is a remarkable technological achievement. Apple believed it was the product that would give the …

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The New York Times

Scientists in Japan Give Robots a Fleshy Face and a Smile

Researchers at the University of Tokyo published findings on a method of attaching artificial skin to robot faces to protect machinery and mimic human expressiveness.

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Rolling Stone

In ‘Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree,’ the Greatest Villain Is Toxic Positivity

Since the DLC released on June 21, seasoned players have been finding themselves flat on their backs in front of some mouth-breathing wizard, covered in their own blood, too weak to react to the final blow.

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How to Unlock Facewear

There are two ways of obtaining Facewear in Final Fantasy XIV: buying it at the Gold Saucer or exchanging Fashion Accessories at a Calamity Salvager. The latter depends on whether you owned any Fashion Accessory headgear prior to Patch 7.0.

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Wyoming Public Media

A robot gets a face of living ‘skin’ that allows it to smile

If humanoid robots make you a bit queasy — would it help if they had fleshy faces that can smile at you? The uncanny feat is the result of new technology using engineered living skin tissue and human-like ligaments to give robots a more natural smile, …

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Everything You Need to Know About iOS 17 Before iOS 18’s Release

Before Apple releases iOS 18 in the fall, don’t miss out on any of these iOS 17 features. The tech giant released iOS 17 in September, shortly after the company held its Wonderlust event, where the tech giant announced the iPhone 15 lineup, …

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Eater SF

Minnie Bell’s Announces Upcoming Closure of East Bay Location

Chef Fernay McPherson debuted the second iteration of her restaurant Minnie Bell’s Soul Movement in the Fillmore District this past April, but now the original Emeryville location of the business is set to close as of Sunday, July 28.

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