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June 30, 2024


It’s International Asteroid Day, and astronomers have much to celebrate

June 30 marks Asteroid Day, a holiday observed annually to reflect on the prospect of a planet-destroying space rock striking Earth and what scientists are doing to mitigate that risk.

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Mars Odyssey celebrates 100000 orbits, captures epic view of solar system’s largest volcano

To celebrate the milestone, the space agency released an intricate panorama of Olympus Mons, the tallest volcano in the solar system; Odyssey captured the view in March. The volcano’s base sprawls 373 miles (600 kilometers) near the Martian equator while …

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What’s Up in July: On the lookout for the Blaze Star, which appears every 80 years

However, there no more epic celestial adventures like the epic April 8 total solar eclipse and the May 10 fantastic display of the northern lights – visible all the way down to parts of Texas and Florida – scheduled for this month.

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Asteroid Day 2024 celebrations offer reason to look up

The Tunguska Event devastated 830 square miles and flattened 80 million trees in the largest such event to occur in modern times. This is why Asteroid Day is held every year on June 30, as a reminder to the world that planetary defense against asteroids …

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Space photo of the week: James Webb telescope gives the ‘Pillars of Creation’ a stunning 3D makeover

Featuring towering tendrils of interstellar gas and dust in a star-forming region called the Eagle Nebula, it was one of the Hubble Space Telescope’s first images and has become a staple of space merchandise and even appeared on a postage stamp.

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Chinese lunar probe returns to Earth with the world’s first samples from the far side of the moon

The probe landed in northern China on Tuesday afternoon in the Inner Mongolian region. “I now declare that the Chang’e 6 Lunar Exploration Mission achieved complete success,” Zhang Kejian, Director of the …

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Brainerd Dispatch

Minnesota Starwatch for July

Early birds who go out at least an hour before sunrise will see Mars, somewhat low in the east, and Jupiter, lower but brighter, in the northeast. On July 2, a crescent moon appears between them. During July the planets climb and pull closer, with the gap …

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FOX Weather

NASA sample shows asteroid Bennu could have come from small ocean world

NASA and Lockheed Martin teams celebrate after the sample from the asteroid Bennu landed in the desert of Utah on Sunday. The OSIRIS-REx spacecraft collected pieces from Bennu in 2020. NASA’s …

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Researchers address ocean paradox with 55 gallons of fluorescent dye

Date: June 26, 2024; Source: University of California – San Diego; Summary: Researchers have directly measured cold, deep water upwelling via turbulent mixing along the slope of a submarine canyon in the Atlantic Ocean. Share:.

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Mirage News

Researchers find genetic stability in a long-term Panamanian hybrid zone of manakin birds

Date: June 26, 2024; Source: Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; Summary: We often think of species as separate and distinct, but sometimes they can interbreed and create hybrids.

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