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April 28, 2024


Why You Endlessly Scroll Through Your Phone, and How to Stop

Can I break my endless scrolling habit? John Kim/CNET. Lately, I’ve developed a habit I’m not proud of …

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New Apple ID Password Reset Issue Hitting iPhone, iPad And MacBook Users

A quick scan of social media is all it takes to realise this is happening on a grand scale. Indeed, my colleague Zak Doffman, who also contributes to the cybersecurity section of Forbes tells me he had the same thing happen.

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New iOS 18 AI Security Move Changes The Game For All iPhone Users

It’s now been confirmed—well, pretty much. Apple’s soon-to-launch iOS 18 update will include AI features that will be processed entirely on the device. When the iPhone 16 launches this fall, this will be a formidable combination that will offer …

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CNET Australia

Move Your Amazon Echo Now: 5 Areas to Avoid

Where’s your Amazon Echo sitting? If it’s in one of the locations listed below, we recommend moving it ASAP. There are some areas in your home where your Alexa smart speakers and smart displays just shouldn’t be placed, due to both privacy risks and …

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Tech Xplore

Child pedestrians, self-driving vehicles: What’s the safest scenario for crossing the road?

Date: April 24, 2024; Source: University of Iowa; Summary: Crossing roads for children can be a risky calculation, especially when the vehicles are self-driven. In a new study, researchers determined pre-teenage children are safest when self-driving …

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The Indian Express

Apple cracks down on AI powered nude image generating apps on App Store

Apple has removed at least three apps from its App Store that claimed to be capable of generating non-consensual nude images using Artificial Intelligence (AI), a report on 404 Media said. Advertisements of these ads were spotted on Instagram.

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The Guardian

From petri dish to plate: meet the company hoping to bring lab-grown fish to the table

The redbrick offices, just north of Hamburg’s River Elbe and a few floors below Carlsberg’s German headquarters, are an unexpectedly low-key setting for a food team gearing up to produce Europe’s first tonne of lab-grown fish. But inside Bluu Seafood, …

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Times of India

CEO Sundar Pichai celebrates 20 years at Google, shares what has not changed in all these years

India-born Google CEO Sundar Pichai marked a significant milestone: 20 years with the company this week. Taking to Instagram, he shared a glimpse of his 20-year anniversary party, reflecting on the journey. Despite the ever-evolving landscape of …

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