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April 28, 2024


Watch SpaceX Dragon cargo capsule depart the ISS today

A SpaceX cargo ship will begin its journey back to Earth today (April 28), and you can watch the action live. The robotic Dragon capsule is scheduled to undock from the International Space …

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SpaceX launching 23 Starlink satellites from Florida this evening

SpaceX is set to launch 23 more of its Starlink internet satellites to orbit this evening (April 28). The Starlink spacecraft are scheduled to launch atop a Falcon 9 rocket from Florida’s Cape Canaveral Space Force Station today during a four-hour …

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Giant magnetar eruption is 1st seen in another galaxy

Scientists found a massive outburst of gamma rays from the galaxy M82, 12 million light-years away. The observation didn’t fit with typical gamma ray bursts, and astronomers found no afterglow in visible light to X-rays. Plus, they didn’t detect any …

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Space photo of the week: Little Dumbbell Nebula throws a wild party for Hubble telescope’s 34th anniversary

Astronomers celebrated the Hubble Space Telescope’s 34th anniversary with this stunning image of the Little Dumbbell Nebula — a vast cloud of gas containing one of the hottest white dwarf stars ever found. Comments (0). The Little Dumbbell Nebula, …

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NASA Captures Luna Crater With “Signatures Of Meteorite Impact” In Gujarat

NASA Earth Observatory’s orbiting satellite has recorded a picture of a crater named Luna in Gujarat’s Kutch region. The official site of the US space agency revealed that a recent geochemical analysis found that “it contains the characteristic …

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Look for ‘shooting stars’ from Halley’s Comet as meteor shower peaks this week

The month of May will kick off with some springtime sparkle as the Eta Aquariids meteor shower ramps up to its biggest night. The 2024 Eta Aquariids have been underway since mid-April, but the shower will get stronger this week until its peak, …

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Technology Networks

BARSeq Reveals the Brain Is Like a Pointillism Painting

This piqued the interest of researchers at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, who also wanted to explore the extent to which peripheral sensory inputs could play a role in shaping the cellular composition of different cortical areas.

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Mirage News

Rocks with the oldest evidence of Earth’s magnetic field discovered

Geologists at MIT and Oxford University have found ancient rocks in Greenland that bear the oldest remnants of Earth’s early magnetic field. The researchers determined that the rocks are about 3.7 billion years old and retain signatures of a magnetic …

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NASA receives space laser message from 140 million miles away

In a remarkable feat, NASA’s deep space communication technology aboard the Psyche spacecraft has shattered records, proving its capabilities in transmitting messages from deep space using lasers.

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European Space Agency

Einstein Probe opens its wide eyes to the X-ray sky

The first images captured by the innovative mission were presented at the 7th workshop of the Einstein Probe consortium in Beijing. They illustrate the satellite’s full potential and show that its novel optics, which mimic a lobster’s eyes, …

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