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February 9, 2024

CBS News

Google is rebranding its Bard AI service as Gemini. Here’s what it means.

Google is introducing a free artificial intelligence app called Gemini that will enable people to rely on technology instead of their own brains to write, interpret what they’re reading and perform a number of other tasks in their lives.

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Google banishes Bard chatbot for AI rebrand as Gemini while Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella each insist theirs is best

Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images. Google on Thursday introduced a free artificial intelligence app that will enable people to rely on technology instead of …

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Apple calls its Vision Pro a ‘spatial computer’—here’s what that means

While both augmented reality and virtual reality fall under the spatial computing umbrella, the two terms refer to different user experiences. With virtual reality, you’re fully immersed in a digitally simulated, 3D world …

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The Oura Ring is the most beautiful fitness tracker, but is it right for you?

The Oura Ring and its companion app displayed on a phone. Max Buondonno/CNN Underscored. One of the biggest trends to emerge from …

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US Space Force wants satellite ‘jetpacks’ to keep old spacecraft alive in orbit

Small “backpacks” that can attach to existing spacecraft in orbit may help out-of-fuel satellites live a while longer. Comments (0). a cube-shaped spacecraft covered in gold foil with two large solar panels extending outward.

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Harvard Business Review

How Early-Adopter Companies Are Thinking About Apple Vision Pro

Early adopters of Apple’s new product — and other spatial computing devices — can give businesses some hints of its potential, and what may or may not work. Businesses that are building native apps for visionOS, the operating system that powers the Apple …

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iOS 17.3.1: What You Should Know About the iPhone Update

To download the update, go to Settings > General > Software Update, tap Install Now and follow the onscreen prompts. Apple wrote in the update’s description that it fixes an …

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Google rebrands Bard chatbot as Gemini, rolls out paid subscription

This bundle, known as the Google One AI Premium plan, represents one of the company’s biggest answers yet to Microsoft and its partner OpenAI. It also shows growing competition over consumers, who now have several paid AI subscription options.

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BBC News

Microsoft went back on its word over gaming job cuts, claims regulator

The FTC said the reasons given for the layoffs were “inconsistent” with previous statements made by Microsoft. According to the regulator, the tech giant said that it would run Activision Blizzard as …

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Yahoo Tech

Google debuts subscription Gemini AI bot, as Microsoft rivalry heats up

In addition to access to Gemini Ultra, the subscription includes 2TB of Google Cloud storage and, in a future update, adds Gemini in Google Docs, Gmail, Slides, and Sheets. “ …

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