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February 8, 2024


What Happened When Computers Learned How to Read

And it isn’t just fiction before going to bed. They read greedily: all literature, all of the time—novels, encyclopedias, academic articles, private messages, advertisements, love letters, news stories, hate speech, and crime reports—everything written and …

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CBS News

OnePlus 12 review: A great Samsung Galaxy S24+ alternative for less

The folks at OnePlus recently sent me the new OnePlus 12 smartphone to review. I’ve put it to the test and discover first-hand if this new smartphone is a viable alternative to other higher-end, Android phones. (Spoiler alert: It really is, …

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ABC News

Google’s Gemini AI app to land on phones, making it easier for people to connect to a digital brain

Google has introduced a free artificial intelligence app that will implant the technology on smartphones. ByMICHAEL LIEDTKE AP technology writer. February 7, 2024, 4:38 PM. 1:11. National headlines from ABC News. Catch up on the developing stories …

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Apple is developing foldable clamshell iPhones – The Information

The foldable iPhones are in early development and are not on the company’s mass production plans for 2024 or 2025, according to the report. Apple recently approached at least one manufacturer in Asia for components related to two foldable iPhones of …

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The New York Times

Vision Pro Review: Apple’s First Headset Lacks Polish and Purpose

Brian X. Chen, the personal tech columnist for The New York Times, has worn more than a dozen tech headsets over 12 years. Feb. 7, 2024.

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CBS News

Save up to $2500 on a TV at the Best Buy Super Bowl sale: Our top picks

5 best deals from the Best Buy Super Bowl TV sale · Best overall TV deal: Samsung 77″ Class S89C OLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV (save $1,800) · Best OLED TV deal: Samsung 65″ Class S90C OLED 4K UHD Smart Tizen TV (save $500) · Best Crystal UHD TV deal: Samsung 85 …

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Samsung Newsroom US

Five Reasons to Upgrade your Galaxy Note to the New Galaxy S24 Ultra

Owners of Samsung Galaxy Note phones are fiercely loyal, and for good reason: the devices—especially the Note20 and Note20 Ultra—have delivered amazing value and blur the lines between work and play in ways that continue to delight.

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A rechargeable calcium–oxygen battery that operates at room temperature

Using a durable ionic liquid-based electrolyte, this two-electron reaction is enabled by the facilitated Ca plating–stripping in the Ca metal anode at room temperature and improved CaO2/O2 redox in the air cathode.

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Hindustan Times

Why Fortnite server is down? When will it go live?

Fortnite fans are eagerly awaiting the release of update v28.20, which will be the second major patch of Chapter 5 Season 1. So, the server is currently under other work, and it is expected to go live at 4 am ET. Fortnite Update v28.20: Downtime and …

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Prescriptions for a Healthy Cybersecurity Future with Google Cloud’s OCISO

Taylor Lehman, Director, Google Cloud Office of the CISO, and Bill Reid, Security Architect, Google Cloud Office of the CISO, join host Luke McNamara to discuss their takeaways from the last year of threat activity witnessed by enterprises within …

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