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July 6, 2024


Scientists visualize magnetic fields at atomic scale with holography electron microscope

Such a high resolution is critical when observing magnetic phenomena that occur at the interface between materials. Credit: Toshiaki Tanigaki / Hitachi, Ltd. A research team from Japan, including scientists from …

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MIT Technology Review

The Download: AI agents, and how to detect a lie

Agents featured prominently in Google’s annual I/O conference in May, when the company unveiled its new AI agent called Astra, which allows users to interact with it using audio and video. OpenAI’s new GPT-4o model has also been called an AI agent.

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The New York Times

The Connections Companion No. 391, July 6, 2024

Be warned: This article includes hints and comments that may contain spoilers for today’s puzzle. Solve Connections first, or scroll at your own risk. Connections is released at midnight in your time zone. In …

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The New York Times

How to Clean Up Your Phone’s Photo Library to Free Up Space

Deleting duplicates, bad shots and other unwanted files makes it easier to find the good pictures — and gives you room to take more. Share …

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Meta AI comment summaries is turned on in your settings by default: How to turn it off

One such feature, called “comment summaries,” does just what it sounds like – creates AI-generated blurbs that summarize the comments sections on posts, attempting to form a concise blurb about commenters’ overall feelings and statements on the parent …

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NBC News

Apple accepts Epic Games Store for the EU after facing a public callout from the company

Apple and Epic Games have been in a yearslong battle over Epic Games’ desire to bypass Apple’s App Store. Epic Games Inc. Fortnite App As Gamers Flock. The Epic Games Inc. “Fortnite: Battle Royale” video game on an iPhone.Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg via …

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LEGO creates ‘space bricks’ made from meteorite dust

The particular meteorite was discovered in Northwest Africa in 2000 and is a “brecciated stone” that contains large metal grains, chondrules and other stone meteorite elements. By mixing meteorite dust with polylactide and a bit …

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