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June 29, 2024


Supercomputing in the age of AI to accelerate protein structure prediction

The team developed APACE, a computational tool that effectively handles AlphaFold2, an AI program used to predict protein structure on high-performance computing systems. They deployed APACE on the Delta supercomputer at NCSA to measure how well it …

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Car and Driver

2025 Toyota GR Supra Ditches the Four-Cylinder, Keeps the Manual Transmission

The current generation of the Toyota Supra has been around since 2020. For the first model year, the only engine option was the turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-six, which at the time produced 335 horsepower.

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Wuthering Waves Jinhsi Build Guide – Best Weapons, Echoes, and Teams

She currently carries the burden of guiding her city into prosperity. This guide to the best Wuthering Waves Jinhsi build will explain the best weapons, echoes, sequences, fortes, and team compositions for Jinhsi.

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The Guardian

AI scientist Ray Kurzweil: ‘We are going to expand intelligence a millionfold by 2045’

The Google futurist talks nanobots and avatars, deepfakes and elections – and why he is so optimistic about a future where we merge with computers. Sat 29 Jun 2024 11.00 EDT. Share. 0. 0. The American computer scientist and techno-optimist Ray Kurzweil …

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European Space Agency

LEGO bricks from space dust

The team of ESA’s Spaceship EAC initiative revived their LEGO-building skills and 3D-printed the famous bricks from lunar regolith and meteor dust, providing a glimpse into how future construction on the Moon might look.

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I’m a game developer CTO. AI is forcing us to rethink the rules—and boosting my appreciation for human creativity

AI, when implemented without careful consideration, can erode the very things that make games special, namely human creativity, artistic vision, and player trust. getty.

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The New York Times

How to Strengthen Your Strands Game

Strands, the newest game from The New York Times, is part Spelling Bee, part Mini Crossword and part word search puzzle. The objective is to use every letter on the board exactly once to create words that relate to the day’s theme, which is hinted at …

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NBC Southern California

‘Power up’ at Super Nintendo World’s new interactive wall

Square off against several colorful characters during a timed activity inside Universal Studios Hollywood. By Alysia Gray Painter • Published 44 mins ago • Updated 44 mins ago. Universal Studios Hollywood. What to Know. Super Nintendo World at …

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Severe geomagnetic storm impacts Earth today

The SWPC reports that geomagnetic storms are caused when the sun ejects plasma and parts of its magnetic field into space (a CME). If directed towards Earth, this ejection can interact with Earth’s magnetic field, causing Northern Lights. A geomagnetic …

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