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June 21, 2024


Microsoft Can’t Recall On Its Copilot+ PCs

This week marked the official launch of Microsoft’s AI PC program, the Copilot+ PCs, featuring the Qualcomm Snapdragon X Elite and X Plus System on Chips (SoC) processors. Unfortunately, it did not go quite as Microsoft had anticipated because one …

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Apple’s new China problem: ChatGPT is banned there

A man checks his phone near an Apple logo outside its store in Shanghai, China, on September 13, 2023. Aly Song/Reuters. Editor’s …

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The Verge

Amazon’s new AI-powered Alexa might cost up to $10 per month

Sources tell Reuters that Amazon is aiming to launch the new Alexa in August, marking a “desperate attempt” to overhaul the voice assistant. The paid version of Alexa might not require users to keep saying “Alexa” when talking to the assistant.

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Overwatch 2 Season 11 Adds Mythic Weapons and Brings Back Pink Mercy

The reign of Mirrorwatch is over: Super Mega Ultrawatch is here! Overwatch 2 Season 11 starts Thursday. As usual with Blizzard’s multiplayer online shooter, we’ve got a new battle pass, a new balance patch and a new season of ranked play to start …

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Kremlin says US decision to ban Kaspersky software designed to stifle competition

The Biden administration on Thursday said it would ban the sale of antivirus software made by Russia’s Kaspersky Lab in the United States, citing what it said was the Kremlin’s influence over the company which poses a significant security risk.

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The UK Takes Europe’s Top Spot for Gen AI Startups, Accel Says

The United Kingdom is home to the biggest number of generative AI (GenAI) startups across Europe and Israel, followed by Germany and Israel, according to a study by venture capital firm Accel. Accel analyzed 221 GenAI startups and found that 30 percent …

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Paradromics wants to make brain implants a reality before the end of the decade

How close are we to putting chips in people’s brains? According to Texas-based Paradromics, not far, as it aims to commercialize its brain computer interfaces (BCI) by 2029. #CNBC #Technology #BrainImplant —– Subscribe: cnb.cx/2wuoARM CNBC …

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Google pauses its plan to levy service fee on real-money gaming apps

Google is pausing its plans to levy a service fee on real money games and expand to other formats across the world including India, the tech giant said on June 21, providing a temporary relief to skill-based gaming companies.

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Elden Ring’s ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’ DLC launched: What you need to know

You can purchase the Shadow of the Erdtree Elden Ring DLC separately but it is not a standalone expansion pack; you must have the base game to play it. Also, you must beat two optional bosses in Elden Ring to access the Realm of Shadow, the new region …

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New horror game is The Thing on a Scottish oil rig

An oil rig is a location already terrifyingly dense with phobia triggers; heights, drowning, isolation, cold, electrocution, darkness, fire and tight spaces. So, it’s quite a setting for a horror video game, even before the deep-sea drill hits an …

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