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June 16, 2024

The Verge

Apple announced RCS with a whimper when it should have been a bang

Apple will finally adopt RCS in iOS 18, effectively ending a yearslong fight for feature parity between iMessage and Android. But the announcement wasn’t a celebration — you could’ve blinked and missed it. Instead of showing how RCS will make things …

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The Seattle Times

Welcome to the era of the AI smartphone

Every year, Apple and Google announce major software updates that bring new features to our smartphones, such as cosmetic overhauls to the home screen, stronger privacy protections and fun messaging tools. This year, the changes will feel more radical …

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The Hindu BusinessLine

Nvidia, Intel, Qualcomm and other chip giants are helping Microsoft battle Apple for AI’s future

The Ryzen AI 300 series of parts, meanwhile, is a new chip built specifically for the AI PC laptop segment, combining a new CPU architecture, upgraded graphics design, and an NPU (neural processing unit) capable of 50 TOPS (trillions of operations per …

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Apple’s new AI-powered service is everything we’d hoped Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa would become

By Mike Feibus. Apple’s WWDC announcement is all about you and your digital life. Sometimes, when I jot down an idea or snap a picture of another birthday dinner, I get the sinking feeling that I’ll never see it again. Any of it.

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The New York Times

In a Digital Age, High-End Outdoors Magazines Are Thriving in Print

Nearby, Stephen Casimiro held one of the 7,200 copies in his hand. Casimiro, a former editor of Powder and National Geographic Adventure, is the founder and publisher of Adventure Journal, an unapologetically analog magazine …

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