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June 8, 2024


Apple faces pressure to show off AI following splashy events at OpenAI, Google and Microsoft

Apple long avoided using the acronym AI when talking about its products. But this year, after Microsoft, OpenAI and Google revealed their work in artificial intelligence, investors and customers want to see the iPhone maker embrace the technology.

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Apple needs to make Siri fit into a ChatGPT world—Is it Mission Impossible?

Apple CEO Tim Cook’s effort to revamp Siri is a tricky challenge. Bay Ismoyo—AFP/Getty Images. Apple’s Siri was the first virtual assistant to grace …

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‘Sudden, brief, and unexpected:’ dearMoon crew laments cancellation of private SpaceX Starship moon mission

The dearMoon crew has shared their disappointment on social media following the mission’s abrupt cancellation. Comments (1). portraits of 11 diverse people against a backdrop of the moon. Crew group mosaic of the dearMoon private SpaceX Starship crew.

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BBC News

Microsoft ‘recalls’ screenshot feature after outcry

The company billed the “Recall” feature for Copilot+ as a way to make users’ lives easier by capturing and storing screenshots of their desktop activity. But after people claimed hackers might be able to misuse …

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Samsung Newsroom US

New Samsung Monitors for Gamers and Creators are Unleashed at Summer Game Fest

With Samsung Gaming Hub, you can play games from top streaming partners with no PC or gaming console needed. “Each year, the gaming community comes together at Summer Game Fest for a first look at …

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Apple Design Awards 2024: Here are the 14 best apps and games over seven different categories

Cupertino-based tech giant Apple has unveiled the winners of the Apple Design Awards 2024. The company tries to honor the best apps from its App Store annually through these awards. Apple has in total picked 14 different apps and games, and these were …

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