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June 6, 2024

The New York Times

That Much-Despised Apple Ad Could Be More Disturbing Than It Looks

Tech companies are running low on new experiences to offer us. A new ad for the iPad contains revealing hints of where they could go next.

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Humane, the startup behind the AI Pin, in talks with HP, telecoms to sell

Humane, the AI hardware startup founded by ex-Apple designers, is seeking a buyer after its AI Pin’s lukewarm debut, and is currently in talks with HP and other companies, including more than one telecom company, a source familiar with the matter told …

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Everything we know about ‘Destiny 2: The Final Shape’

The Light and Darkness saga of Destiny 2, which contains the first ten years of Destiny, is ending with The Final Shape. This is everything we know about it. Comments (0). Main image shows characters from the video game: Destiny 2 in foreground with a …

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Samsung Adds Smaller but Still Pricey microLED TV Offerings Starting at $110000

Samsung announced its most affordable microLED TVs to date on Wednesday, though they’re likely still out of reach for many. The company is adding three new sizes to its existing lineup of ultra high-end, huge TVs. The new sizes include:.

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4 Big Points About Intel’s New, Efficiency-Focused Xeon 6 E-Core CPUs

Intel says its new Xeon 6 E-core CPUs feature up to 288 cores and will enable data centers to significantly reduce energy consumption and space. CRN goes through four important points about the new server CPUs, including how they’re different from past …

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Google’s AI Overview Search Results Copied My Original Work

Last week, an AI Overview search result from Google used one of my WIRED articles in an unexpected way that makes me fearful for the future of journalism. I was experimenting with AI Overviews, the company’s new generative AI feature designed to answer …

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Canon Announces New EOS C400 6K Full-Frame RF Mount Cinema Camera and RF-Mount CINE-SERVO Lens

Canon announces the new Canon EOS C400 cinema camera, with a native RF-mount and full-frame, back- illuminated stacked CMOS sensor, designed with the film and live production markets in mind. Canon also announces the company’s first MOUNT ADAPTER PL-RF …

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Samsung Newsroom UK

Samsung Electronics Unveils New Odyssey OLED, Smart Monitor and ViewFinity Lineups

Next-level OLED experiences get prevention from burn-in with new proprietary technology on latest Odyssey OLED series, all from the no.1 Global OLED Monitor brand. Smart features powered by AI bring enhanced entertainment to Smart Monitor M8 and …

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Tech Explorist

Wearable brain imaging gives clearest ever picture of children’s developing brain

Summary: New research has given the clearest ever picture of young children’s developing brains, using a wearable brain scanner to map electrical brain activity. The work opens up new possibilities for tracking how critical developmental milestones …

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AIs are irrational, but not in the same way that humans are

Date: June 5, 2024; Source: University College London; Summary: Large Language Models behind popular generative AI platforms like ChatGPT gave different answers when asked to respond to the same reasoning test and didn’t improve when given additional …

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