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May 31, 2024

The Washington Post

Google scales back AI search answers after it told users to eat glue

SAN FRANCISCO — Google said it was scaling down the use of artificial intelligence-generated answers in some search results, after the tech made high profile errors including telling users to put glue on their pizza and saying Barack Obama was Muslim.

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The Wall Street Journal

Google Refines AI Search Overviews After Odd Results

Google is refining the use of artificial-intelligence overviews in response to search queries after some odd results, weeks after it started rolling out AI-powered answers to U.S. users. The Alphabet unit was prompted to pull back on the new feature …

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MIT Sloan

Nudge Users to Catch Generative AI Errors

Using large language models to generate text can save time but often results in unpredictable errors. Prompting users to review outputs can improve their quality. Renée Richardson Gosline, Yunhao Zhang, Haiwen Li, Paul …

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Here is Oregon

This Gresham diner’s iconic mascots have been removed. What’s next for the beloved signs?

Driving down U.S. 26 from Portland to Gresham, one of the first things people would notice were the two 8-foot-tall plywood bears atop a small 1950s-building, next to the neon lights that spelled out the diner’s name: Polar King.

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Apple Plans AI-Based Siri Overhaul to Control Individual App Functions

(Bloomberg) — Apple Inc. is planning to overhaul its Siri virtual assistant with more advanced artificial intelligence, a move that will let users control individual app functions with their voice, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

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UZH hybrid camera helps drivers avoid pedestrians

A project at the University of Zurich (UZH) has developed a novel and partly bio-inspired camera said to be 100 times faster at detection of pedestrians and obstacles than current automotive cameras. As …

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Coming to Grips With a Third Thumb

An emerging area of technology is motor augmentation – using wearable devices like extra robotic body parts to upgrade human motor capabilities beyond their current limits, researchers said. The Third Thumb is worn up just under the …

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Bio-inspired cameras and AI help drivers detect pedestrians and obstacles faster

Artificial intelligence (AI) combined with a novel bio-inspired camera achieves 100 times faster detection of pedestrians and obstacles than current automotive cameras. This important step for computer vision and AI and can greatly improve the safety of …

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“This Is My Thing” explores the joy in our lives

Michael Lee, longtime producer of KUT’s Sonic ID project and producer/host of Arts Eclectic, talks with people who find their joy in sword fighting, curling (in Austin, Texas!), and flag football.

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Albertans urged to ‘think safety’ around lakes, rivers and pools as summer approaches

As the weather warms up, Albertans are being reminded to be cautious around lakes, rivers, pools and other bodies of water. There were 605 drowning deaths reported in Alberta between 2010 and 2023. Data from the province reveals 202 drowning deaths …

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