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May 30, 2024


Voice notes are everywhere. Here’s how to send one.

That guy monologuing into his smartphone? There’s no one on the other side. He’s recording a voice note — an audio recording that sends like a text and, in many cases, replaces a phone call. Fans say the notes let them communicate better and more often …

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Arm’s Next Chips Should Bring Faster On-Device AI to Future Phones

Chipmaker Arm on Wednesday introduced its new set of processors that will boost efficiency and speed of phones to come — and they’re built especially to empower on-device generative AI. Other chipmakers like Qualcomm include Arm processors into their …

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MIT Technology Review

The messy quest to replace drugs with electricity

Electrical implants have already had success in targeting specific problems like epilepsy, sleep apnea, and catastrophic bowel dysfunction. But the broader vision of replacing drugs with nerve-zapping devices, especially ones that alter the immune system, …

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The Guardian

If Fifa is about to make an EA Sports FC competitor, that’s great news for gamers

Two years ago, the long and lucrative relationship between Electronic Arts and Fifa broke down, with EA taking its ball home and launching EA Sports FC, a new brand for its footie sim series. Fifa president Gianni Infantino made a sulky declaration …

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Business Standard

How AI made Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg popular again in Silicon Valley

Emanuel, a part-time hacker and full-time AI enthusiast, had tinkered with “closed” AI models, including OpenAI’s, meaning the systems’ underlying code could not be accessed or modified. When …

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Synthego Licenses CRISPR Enzyme From China’s HuidaGene Therapeutics

NEW YORK – HuidaGene Therapeutics said Wednesday that it has licensed a CRISPR genome editing enzyme to Synthego. Under the terms of the deal, HuidaGene has granted Synthego manufacturing and commercialization rights for its high-fidelity Cas12 …

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Guidance on the 911 S5 Residential Proxy Service

The proxy backdoor enabled 911 S5 users to re-route their devices through victims’ devices, allowing criminals to carry out crimes such as bomb threats, financial fraud, identity theft, child exploitation, and initial access brokering.

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Business Today

Google Search secret data leaked: Company confirms authenticity of document but warns against its use

Google has indirectly acknowledged the authenticity of 2,500 leaked internal documents detailing the data it collects. The document has created ripples in the SEO and publishing industries, as they could reveal the search data that Google uses to rank …

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Nearly 2500 Leaked Internal Search Documents Are Real: Google

Tech giant Google has admitted that around 2,500 leaked internal documents from its Search feature are authentic. The leaked Search material was first reported by search engine optimisation (SEO) experts Rand Fishkin and Mike King, according to reports …

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Business Today

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is worried as Apple tests ChatGPT-integrated Siri in iOS 18: Report

It states that Apple employees held a meeting with OpenAI CEO Sam Altman last year at WWDC in June. The tech company reportedly reached an agreement with Altman for using OpenAI’s Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) for internal testing.

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