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May 26, 2024


GPT-4o and Gemini 1.5 Pro: How the New AI Models Compare

Two robots engage in battle. CSA Images via Getty Images. It was a battle of the bots last week as AI startup OpenAI …

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Apple Bets That Its Giant User Base Will Help It Win in AI

At Apple Inc.’s developers conference next month, the company will unveil a different approach to artificial intelligence, focusing on tools that ordinary consumers can use in their daily lives. The idea is to appeal to a user’s practical side — and leave …

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Spotify Will Brick Every ‘Car Thing’ It Ever Sold

Spotify has no further guidance for device owners beyond asking them to reset the device to factory settings and “safely” get rid of the bricked gadget by “following local electronic waste guidelines.”.

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Times of India

How Google is using YouTube and Search to help advertisers

Google launched several AI-based features for advertisers at its Google Marketing Live (GML) event earlier this week. At this event, the tech giant announced the business will be able to create visually immersive shopping ads including Virtual Try-On …

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The Hearing Review

AI-powered headphones filter only unwanted noise

Date: May 16, 2024; Source: Acoustical Society of America; Summary: Noise-canceling headphones automatically identify background sounds and cancel them out for much-needed peace and quiet. However, typical noise-canceling fails to distinguish between …

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Financial Times

Google’s AI search tool tells users to ‘eat rocks’ for your health

Google’s new artificial intelligence search tool has advised users that eating rocks can be healthy and to glue cheese to pizza, prompting ridicule and raising questions about its decision to embed an experimental feature into its core …

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Planned Nintendo store in San Francisco’s Union Square has tourists abuzz

“Yeah, the nostalgia of the games they have, just look around and see what’s going on, yeah,” said Turnbull. Christian Gonzalez agrees. He’s visiting San Francisco from Miami, and not …

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Here are the best Memorial Day 2024 TV deals from Samsung, LG, Hisense and more

Best Buy is home to a wide variety of TVs, and as a big box store, it’s never one to miss out on a large savings event like Memorial Day sales. So it should come as no surprise that it has some excellent TV deals to offer.

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Regina Cathedral Village Arts Festival showcases remembrance plaque, mural

“It was a wonderful tribute, but it would be a far more meaningful thing if we could just make it a space available for artists to continue that tradition,” Zizzy said. The email you …

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