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May 21, 2024

The Verge

Inside Microsoft’s mission to take down the MacBook Air

Microsoft is convinced its new Copilot Plus PCs will beat Apple’s M3 processor and spark a new generation of Windows laptops. … By Tom Warren, a senior editor and author of Notepad, who has been covering all things Microsoft, PC, and tech for over 20 years …

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CBS News

I just upgraded to the new Apple iPad Pro — and it was so, so worth it

I got the new, 2024 13-inch, Wi-Fi only iPad Pro with 1TB of storage and the new nano-texture glass upgrade, along with the redesigned Apple Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil Pro. I paid $1,999 for that. The optional Magic Keyboard cost $349, and the Apple …

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Microsoft’s new AI-enabled laptops will have a ‘photographic memory’ of your virtual activity

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in 2024. Photo by Hannes P Albert/picture alliance via Getty Images. Microsoft wants laptop users to get so comfortable with its artificial …

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CBS News

Order your brand-new 2024 Apple iPad Pro right here

For an iPad power user, the new, 2024 edition of the 11-inch iPad Pro is a dream come true. For the first time, the iPad now offers an Ultra Retina XDR display (with 2,420 x 1,668 pixel resolution) that uses the latest OLED technology to provide sharper …

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The Wall Street Journal

Scarlett Johansson Rebukes OpenAI Over ‘Eerily Similar’ ChatGPT Voice

She declined. When the actress heard Sky, one of five voices the company offers for its AI tool, she said she was “shocked, angered and in disbelief” that Altman would use a voice so similar to hers.

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Microsoft thinks it found a way to make PCs relevant again

Microsoft jumped headfirst into building artificial intelligence directly into its Windows operating system on Monday, announcing new AI computers that could help ramp up flagging PC sales. The developments push the company closer to its long-time goal …

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The Washington Post

Microsoft will build AI into new laptops, firing shot at Apple

— Microsoft announced new computers with the company’s artificial intelligence tech built directly into them, boosting the race among tech giants to push out AI tools to the public. Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella said …

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Is This the Week Microsoft Unveils its AI-Boosted PCs?

Tomorrow Microsoft has a special event in Seattle, kicking off its regular Build conference, an event aimed at developers and coders, and the tech world is abuzz with rumors about what the software giant is expected to reveal.

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The restaurant reservation resale game is on the rise in New York City

One resale market you may not have encountered (yet) is restaurant table reservations. But that might be changing. Adam Iscoe wrote about reservation scalpers and brokers for The New Yorker. He joined “Marketplace’s …

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Is that ‘Her’? OpenAI pauses a ChatGPT voice after some say it sounds like Scarlett Johansson

NEW YORK (AP) — OpenAI says it plans to halt the use of one of its ChatGPT voices after some users said it sounded like Scarlett Johansson, who famously voiced a fictional, and at the time futuristic, AI assistant in the 2013 film “Her.”.

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