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May 20, 2024

BBC News

People want ‘dumbphones’. Will companies make them?

Self-labelled neo-Luddites and the tech-stressed are searching for phones with fewer features. Industry experts cite precarious profit margins and a wobbly market around this niche need. The iPhone turns 17 this year.

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The Australian Financial Review

Why the iPad Pro still hasn’t made itself useful enough

Whenever Apple comes out with a new iPad Pro, we run it through a simple test here in the Digital Life Labs to check that it really is the “Pro” device it says it is on the box. We try to use it professionally, for our job, for a week or so.

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India Today

Apple’s imminent AI chatter could change this common investor perception

By Emily Bary. Investors think new software doesn’t spur hardware purchases, but an analyst says AI features out of WWDC should make it ‘quite obvious you need a better phone’. Apple Inc.’s hardware events are usually the most exciting to investors.

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Financial Times

We are all being crushed by Apple’s techtopians

Messages from the archive of Rutherford Hall, critical communications strategist. WhatsApp to Stephen: Great news about the MacBook Air upgrade. Staff will be really pleased. Btw did you see that Apple advert for the new iPad where …

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Times of India

Google rolls out Android 15 Beta 2 update: Compatible devices, new features and other details

Google introduced Android 15 Beta 2 with new features like a volume panel and Private Space. The update is available for Pixel phones, OnePlus 12, Vivo X100, iQoo 12, and more devices, enhancing security and multitasking with Predictive Back for easy …

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Microsoft likely to press the AI buttons across Windows, Copilot and more at Build 2024

Microsoft’s annual Build developer conference kicks off this week, and it’s expected to bring artificial intelligence (AI) upgrades about Windows 11, Microsoft Copilot, and the new rumoured Snapdragon Elite-X powered laptops. Microsoft has been a …

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New AR glasses offer immersive 3D hologram experience

Researchers have made significant strides in the field of spatial computing and holograms, developing cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) glasses — a prototype headset that look and feel like a typical pair of glasses.

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Conserved genes regulating human sex differentiation, gametogenesis and fertilization

The study of the functional genome in mice and humans has been instrumental for describing the conserved molecular mechanisms regulating human reproductive biology, and for defining the etiologies of monogenic fertility disorders.

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This Nintendo Game Emulator Shows What a Freer iPhone Looks Like

Services of this kind, called emulators, have long existed on computers, but until recently Apple Inc. barred them on its mobile iOS platform. Then, abruptly last month, Apple announced it would end the ban and permit retro emulators on its App Store.

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Apple Needs to Evolve to Compete in the Artificial Intelligence Era

Apple was caught flat-footed in the generative AI race, and the company will need to change its strategy if it wants to catch up. Also: The misguided attempt to differentiate the iPad from the Mac; get ready for a new AirTag; and Apple banks on Asia to …

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