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May 2, 2024


Samsung TV Plus Expands its Horizons with Sports, Entertainment and Gaming Pacts

Now, the South Korean electronics giant is putting a bigger spotlight on the potential of its device-based footprint, which encompasses more than 630 million TV sets, smartphones and other devices sold across 24 countries.

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The Verge

Over 400 million Google accounts have used passkeys, but our passwordless future remains elusive

Google is kicking off World Password Day by updating us on its efforts to replace the often hacked, guessed, and stolen form of authentication with passkeys. Their passwordless approach relies on device-based authentication instead, making logging in …

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Researchers unlock potential of 2D magnetic devices for future computing

A research team at the University of Wyoming has created an innovative method to control tiny magnetic states within ultrathin, two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals magnets—a process akin to how flipping a light switch controls a bulb.

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Vizio Unveils New Soundbar Range, With Prices Starting At $99

The value claim is immediately backed up by the fact that the new entry level Vizio 2.0 Soundbar (or SV200M-08 to give its eminently forgettable model number) will cost just $99 when it launches, while every other Vizio model except for the $499 flagship …

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WESH Orlando

Universal Orlando unveils images, new details about Super Nintendo World

The colorful landscapes of the Mushroom Kingdom come to life in Super Mario Land, where guests can experience: • Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge: Guests are invited to join Team Mario and battle Team Bowser for …

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BBC News

Apple working to fix alarming iPhone issue

Apple says it is working to quickly fix an issue that caused some iPhone alarms not to play a sound, giving their slumbering users an unexpected lie-in. For many people, their phone is an indispensable alarm clock and some over-sleepers turned to …

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The Guardian

Pushing Buttons: The emulator app helping gamers replay classics from their youth – for now

A new app has been at the top of the charts on Apple’s store for a couple of weeks now: Delta. Its app store page is illustrated with shots of very Nintendo-esque on-screen controls, framing screenshots from Game Boy, Snes and Mega Drive games.

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MIT News

Epigenomic analysis sheds light on risk factors for ALS

Working with the Answer ALS consortium, a team of MIT researchers has analyzed epigenetic modifications — tags that determine which genes are turned on in a cell — in motor neurons derived from induced pluripotent stem (IPS) cells from 380 ALS patients.

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How Anthropic’s New Claude iOS App and Enterprise Plan Could Help Amazon in AI Race

Amazon-backed Anthropic announced on Wednesday the launch of a Claude app on iOS and a new Teams plan for enterprise customers. Anthropic’s new artificial intelligence app, which gives users mobile access to the Claude AI model, could improve the …

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Denver 7 Colorado News

This might be why your iPhone alarms don’t go off when they’re supposed to

One of the culprits could be Apple’s “Attention Aware Features,” which, when switched on, allow the iPhone to lower sound alerts. iphone alarm. Prev Next. Photo by: Tero Vesalainen / Shutterstock. Phone alarm on a table next to a sleeping woman.

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