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May 1, 2024


More Smarts Coming To Meta’s Ray-Ban Smart Glasses Collaboration

Italy celebrated Leonardo Da Vinci’s birthday this month with events spotlighting some of the products Italian companies have made. Few of those products would seem more likely to stimulate the Renaissance polymath’s imagination, were he alive today, …

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The Verge

If your iPhone alarm has gone quiet, Apple says it’s working on a fix

One is to make sure that the ringtone and alerts volume slider under Settings > Sound & Haptics is turned up. It can be easy to accidentally turn down your alarm’s volume if you have “Change with Buttons” toggled on beneath that, so you might consider …

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Scientific American

AI Chatbots Have Thoroughly Infiltrated Scientific Publishing

Researchers are misusing ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence chatbots to produce scientific literature. At least, that’s a new fear that some scientists have raised, citing a stark rise in suspicious AI shibboleths showing up in published papers.

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The Tennessean

When is the next full moon? What to know about May’s Flower Moon

There are still a few weeks before May’s full moon comes into view, but it won’t be long until it is in full bloom. This month’s full moon is called the Flower Moon, heralding the peak of spring and the season of rebirth and renewal.

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Business Today

Introducing Zoom Workplace – Zoom Version 6.0

Zoom Workplace is the new name of the latest version (6.0) of Zoom which reflects Zooms expansion from a video conferencing platform to a wider suite of product solutions for the workplace. It’s designed to enhance online collaboration, communication, …

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Top Gear

Official: Aston Martin’s next turbo V12 will have 824bhp and sit in the new Vanquish

And it’s a feast for engine enthusiasts. The new V12 was treated to a strengthened cylinder block and conrods, redesigned cylinder heads with reprofiled camshafts, new intake and exhaust ports, repositioned spark plugs matched to new, higher flowrate …

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Times of India

Apple WWDC: iPhone’s Safari browser may get these AI-powered features next month

Apple to launch new AI features for Safari at WWDC 2024, like Intelligent Search and Web Eraser. Updates will include UI changes and a system-wide visual lookup tool for enhanced browsing experience.

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Aston Martin

The dawn of a new V12 era

01 May 2024, Gaydon: Once in a generation a new Aston Martin powerplant arrives to shift the ultra-luxury paradigm and today we reveal just that in the shape of a fearsome new V12 engine. Aston Martin has committed to continuing its 25-year bloodline …

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Business Today

Apple to introduce AI-powered features in next Safari update: Report

Apple is poised to join the AI revolution with its upcoming Safari update, according to a recent report. Set to coincide with the launch of iOS 18, the next iteration of Safari promises to be infused with artificial intelligence, marking a significant …

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Apple’s market share drops, global smartphone sales rise

The global smartphone market bounced back as shipments grew by 10% year-on-year, according to a report by Canalys Research. The research firm noted that the market had reached double-digit growth after “10 difficult quarters”. The growth is attributed …

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