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April 26, 2024


One Day With the Rabbit R1: How I’ve Been Using It So Far

It can call an Uber, order dinner from Doordash, translate conversations, record voice memos, play songs from Spotify and more. Your phone can already do all of those things, but Lyu is promoting the …

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What You Need to Know About the New WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp, the popular global messaging platform owned by Meta, has rolled out new features including a different way to log in and an artificial intelligence assistant in the app. iPhone users can now use passkeys to login—which means they can access …

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The Verge

Reddit is back after a widespread outage

The site later said it had “identified the issue” and is “remediating it.” The outage appears to have started around 12:45PM ET, with Downdetector recording a massive spike of outage reports at that time.

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Google Meet Is Making It Easier to Switch Between Devices

Soon, Google Meet’s service will include a button labeled “Switch here” when it’s opened on more than one device during a meeting. Clicking it will transfer the call to the other device, without hanging up …

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Work. Crunch. Repeat: Why gaming demands so much of its employees

Employees at video game companies are known for working long hours to meet product launch deadlines. This pressure, known in the industry as crunch, has only gotten more intense as games have grown more complex. Mounting layoffs in the growing industry …

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Huawei’s latest chip is a slightly improved version of its old chip.

When the resurgent Chinese giant unveiled its new Pura 70 flagship phones last week, all eyes were on the chipset. Would it close the gap with the state-of-the-art 3nm fabrication process Taiwan’s TSMC uses to make chips in the latest iPhones, …

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Times of India

Microsoft sales, profit beat expectations; but these two business point to ‘trouble’

Microsoft reported strong financial results for the third quarter of its 2024 fiscal year. Still, the performance was overshadowed by significant declines in revenue from its Surface devices and Xbox gaming hardware. The Redmond giant posted a 17% …

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Samsung Newsroom UK

UNMISSABLE DEALS: Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Smartphone On Us When You Pre-Order A Selected New 2024 …

Samsung AI TV meets Galaxy AI – pre-order a selected new AI-powered Samsung TVs and get the latest Samsung flagship smartphone with Galaxy AI on us! LONDON, UK – April 26, 2024 – Get ready for the summer of sport with irresistible bundle deals.

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CNET Australia

Xbox Will Start Deleting Old Captures on May 30: Here’s How to Save Them

Xbox warned warned in September that it would delete online backups of player captures — including both video captures and screenshots — that were 90 days old or older. After months of no action, Xbox is circulating a message telling users that May …

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CORDIS Nachrichten

Artificial sheet materials could expand the capabilities of holography

Holographic displays are at the forefront of 3D visualisation technology, capable of creating highly realistic scenes with full motion parallax. This apparent shift of the holographic image in a way that mimics how objects in the real world would …

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