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April 8, 2024


IPhone SE 4 Rumors: What May Be Next for Apple’s Budget Phone

The 2022 iPhone SE was an incredible value. Kevin Heinz/CNET. Apple’s mainline phones, like the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro, usually …

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The Verge

Who is Apple’s rumored OLED iPad Pro for?

Earlier this year, there were enough rumors about imminent new Apple products to make for a big spring event, but the company instead announced its new M3 MacBook Airs via press release — and new iPads haven’t shown up since. Today, Mark Gurman writes …

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How To Stop The Solar Eclipse From Damaging Your Phone Or Camera

Protective filters are therefore especially important to protect eyes, phones and cameras when using magnifying lenses, and Ralph Chou, an eclipse safety expert and professor emeritus at the University of Waterloo in Canada, stressed they must be worn or …

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CBS Pittsburgh

Experts warn not to look at solar eclipse with your phone camera — but share tricks for safely taking pictures

Cellphone cameras should not be pointed directly at the sun, as it may damage the phone’s sensor, experts say. Smartphones were never designed for taking photos of the sun or the moon, according to NASA …

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Simple tips to safely photograph the eclipse with your cellphone

If you plan to check out Monday’s total solar eclipse and the only camera you own is one that doubles as a phone, with a little preparation (and precaution) you might still be able to get some relatively good shots. The eclipse gives astronomy clubs an …

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Today’s Google Doodle combines art and science to get in on the total solar eclipse frenzy

For the solar eclipse that happened in August 2017, Google created an animated doodle that shows two space aliens playing volleyball with the moon. Rotating in circles through the air, the moon partially covers the sun. Google’s logo is covered in stars …

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The Guardian

Apple MacBook Air M3 review: the laptop to beat

The M3 chip is about 18% faster than the M2 and considerably faster than Intel-based Macs or PC laptops from a few years ago. Note that the base model has only 8GB of memory.

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The Columbian

One Tech Tip: How to use apps to track and photograph the total solar eclipse

NASA published detailed guidelines for smartphone eclipse photography in 2017 with the caveat that “smartphones were never designed to do sun and moon photography.” That’s because the wide-angle lenses on most devices won’t let you capture close-up detail.

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WATE 6 On Your Side

Can taking eclipse photos damage your smartphone? Yes, experts warn

“Digital cameras, DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, even your phone […] all have sensors,” Gallardo said. “It’s really not a good idea to point them directly to the sun, especially during this solar eclipse without the proper equipment.”.

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Charlotte Agenda

Scoop: VR, immersive art hub to replace Charlotte Pipe warehouse in Uptown

“Space Explorers: The Infinite,” a virtual reality experience set at the International Space Station, will kick off Blume Studios’ programming in the former Charlotte Pipe and Foundry warehouse this September 20 to November 10.

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