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April 6, 2024


AirTag 2024: iPhone Update Reveals Apple Launching Significant New Feature

Apple’s AirTag is a marvel of a device. It’s a tiny tracker that can hide in your luggage, car, handbag or anything else you want to be able to find. But, please note the word hide: if you can, so can somebody else. New features are coming to AirTag in …

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BBC News

How to safely photograph the total solar eclipse

As an astrophysicist and photographer, I always say that eclipses are the consequence of our collective voyage in space. As you read this, you’re riding atop the Earth at about 107,000km/h (67,000mph) as it travels around the Sun – or roughly 30km per …

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Apple iPhone 16 Pro: Design Leak Reveals Subtle New Colors Coming This Fall

And we’re only in April. Now, there’s a new report of how the colors in the iPhone Pro models will change—and it’s a technology that’s a perfect match for the top-of-the-range iPhones.

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The Verge

Apple opens the App Store to retro game emulators

The move should allow the retro console emulators already on Android — at least those that are left — to bring their apps to the iPhone. Game emulators have long been banned from iOS, leaving iPhone owners in search of workarounds via jailbreaking or other …

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Watch the Total Solar Eclipse From Your Home With These Live Streams Online

Not in the path of totality? See the moon blot out the sun, revealing its magnificent corona, from your computer or phone. Carlyn Kranking. Assistant Editor, Science and Innovation. April 5, 2024 11:50 a.m. …

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ABC News

Bluetooth speakers: What to know and which to buy for your budget and space

Plus, learn a bit about Bluetooth’s history and origins before you shop. ByKelsey Chapman. April 5, 2024, 1:41 AM. Shop the best Bluetooth speakers for every budget. ABC News Photo Illustration, JBL, Marshall, Ultimate Ears.

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Portland becomes first Northwest city featured on the Google Arts and Culture platform

The project page was celebrated at Google’s downtown Portland office Thursday, with a launch event that included remarks from Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler. The Google Arts & Culture platform is a non-commercial initiative …

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Popular Mechanics

Stream the 2024 Great American Solar Eclipse

According to the agency’s website, “eclipse coverage will include live views of the eclipse from across North America, special appearances by NASA experts, astronauts aboard the space station, and an inside look at NASA’s eclipse science experiments and …

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Fast Company

There are almost 10000 satellites orbiting Earth—and that’s creating a booming space economy

But launch service companies got just about 9% of equity investments over the last decade. Cool, sci-fi stuff—like building space stations, providing “orbital services,” manufacturing in space, and mining asteroids—gets even less funding, accounting for …

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Times of India

Best Smart Door Locks For Safeguarding Your Homes Digitally

These locking systems are available in different price ranges, and each of them possesses different features. While a basic smart door lock might not come with a fingerprint sensor, it will still be as effective when it comes to safety locking.

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