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March 31, 2024

ABC News

Watching the 2024 solar eclipse without protection can harm your eyes. Here’s how to view it safely

Looking too long at the sun can cause permanent damage to the retina. ByMary Kekatos. March 31, 2024, 3:13 AM. 2:06. How to safely view an eclipse. Three experts show the best and safest ways to view the upcoming eclipse. “Eclipse Across America,” will …

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Yahoo News

Scientists gear up to study solar eclipse with high-altitude planes and sun-orbiting probes

One of the agency’s main priorities will be to observe the sun’s outer atmosphere, or the corona, which normally can’t be seen because the star is too bright. During a total solar eclipse, the corona comes into view as faint wisps around a glowing halo …

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The Wall Street Journal

Where to Find a Cloud-Free Eclipse Viewing Spot

Figuring out what places on the continent are most likely to be cloud-free can be challenging for the average skywatcher. Eclipse chasers often rely on complex weather models and historical climate data to make decisions about where to see the celestial …

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Will the astronauts aboard the ISS see the eclipse?

The International Space Station (ISS) will be on the the day side of Earth three times during the total solar eclipse on April 8, 2024 making it possible for astronauts will to experience the eclipse. But they’ll be seeing it the way most of North …

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Lansing State Journal

3 ways Lansing area residents can get ready for the total solar eclipse

Ray Bennett, left, and Cindy Okolo watch the eclipse during a Lansing Lugnuts game. LANSING — The Lansing area’s chance to view a solar eclipse is just over a week away.

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Space photo of the week: James Webb telescope reveals surprising starburst in ancient galaxy

New infrared observations from the James Webb Space Telescope unveil a galaxy far, far away that’s creating new stars. Comments (0). I Zwicky 18 is a dwarf irregular galaxy in Ursa Major. (Image credit: ESA/Webb, NASA, CSA, A. Hirschauer, M. Meixner et …

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The Register-Guard

Plan to watch the April 2024 total solar eclipse? Scientists need your help.

Here are ways to take part in a national effort to gather information from this rare celestial event. Watch how animals respond to the eclipse. For the 2017 solar eclipse, Adam Hartstone-Rose, …

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Why some clouds vanish during solar eclipses

People gather near Redmond, Oregon, in August 2017 to view a total solar eclipse as the celestial event approaches. Shallow cumulus clouds start dissipating in large proportions when only a fraction of the sun is covered, a new study says.

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Arizona Capitol Times

Pluto now state’s official planet

Gov. Katie Hobbs won’t say whether she believes Pluto is a full-fledged planet or something less. But as far as she’s concerned, it now belongs to Arizona to the extent a state …

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Fast Company

The total solar eclipse offers a rare chance to see the sun’s corona

Despite its high temperature, the corona doesn’t emit or reflect much light. We can see it only when the body of the sun is 100% blocked by the moon. The total …

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