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March 24, 2024


Microtransactions Explained – How to Get All DLC Items In-Game

Dragon’s Dogma 2’s DLC items include camping kits and fast travel-enabling Portcrystals, which can be purchased for a few real bucks a pop. Let’s examine each of these items, explain what they’re used for, and discuss how to get them in-game.

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Where to buy solar eclipse glasses as fakes and counterfeits emerge

The AAS said that fraudulently printed and counterfeit glasses are not safe for solar viewing and “can cause severe eye injury, ranging from temporarily impaired vision to permanent blindness.” If you plan to buy a …

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Business Today

AI brings existential crisis for Apple, Salesforce and tech’s old guard: Partner or perish

By Jon Swartz. The starter’s pistol is still echoing, but the race for generative-AI supremacy is quickly coming into focus. The news hit like a thunderbolt across the artificial-intelligence landscape: Apple Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google are in …

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WhatsApp About To Deliver AI-Powered Tools For Spectacular New Features

Oh, Artificial Intelligence, how would we manage without you? You’re in every smartphone and app, it sometimes seems. Now, WhatsApp, which has used machine learning and Ai for some time, has introduced a new feature which will use AI for photo editing.

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Apple scraps plan to design watch displays in-house, Bloomberg News reports

The plan was shelved due to high costs and complexity, and Apple is now reorganizing the teams that handled display engineering and eliminating several dozen roles in the United States and Asia, according to the report.

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Grab Yourself an Anker Portable Projector for Up to 42% Off

If you’re planning a cinephile picnic or you just want to watch a movie in your backyard, a portable projector is a great little device to have. While they may not be the same as a fully fledged projector, they can help transform your yard into a …

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SpaceX aims to launch fourth Starship in early May

BOCA CHICA, Texas (ValleyCentral) — SpaceX is aiming to launch its fourth Starship in early May, the company’s president said. Gwynne Shotwell, president and chief operating officer of SpaceX, said at the Satellite 2024 conference on Tuesday that …

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The Guardian

Costa’s Barbers: the shop-to-home conversion that’s a cut above

It is designed by the young architectural practice Brisco Loran, whose directors Thom Brisco and Pandora Loran helped to build it with their own hands – living on site without a shower as they did so – and who for now live and work there.

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