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March 20, 2024

Car and Driver

The GT43 has a 416-hp turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that pairs with rear-wheel drive. Pricing for the ’25 AMG GT43 coupe will be revealed closer to its launch.

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I’ll be honest, when I found out that today’s Overwatch 2 Developer Update would include new details on hero releases and Mythic skins, I had that familiar horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. Given that there was no new character or map in …

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Scientific American

It has been to hold a mirror to our own intelligence, that we might understand ourselves better. Researchers seek not simply artificial intelligence but artificial general intelligence, or AGI—a system with humanlike adaptability and creativity.

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The Wall Street Journal

Suleyman helped lead Google’s DeepMind, a pioneering artificial intelligence lab that the company acquired in 2014. He left Google and co-founded AI startup Inflection AI, a startup that was last valued at $4 billion and raised funding from investors …

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The Verge

New players to the game will still need to complete the first-time user experience. Only when novice players have unlocked the heroes from the first Overwatch roster will all Overwatch 2 heroes then be at their disposal, , as game director Aaron Keller …

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On Monday, Mark Gurman at Bloomberg reported that Apple is in talks with Google to bring Gemini, its Large Language Model (LLM) that competes with ChatGPT, to the iPhone. The reports don’t say that any such deal is near done, and it also suggests Apple …

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YouTube has updated its rulebook for the era of deepfakes. Starting today, anyone uploading video to the platform must disclose certain uses of synthetic media, including generative AI, so viewers know what they’re seeing isn’t real.

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Google on Tuesday announced that it’s developing a Personal Health Large Language model based on its Gemini models to analyze Fitbit data so that it can provide wellness advice and recommendations. Google hasn’t shared details on when …

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E&E News

Low-cost air quality sensors can be important tools in filling gaps in national air pollution monitoring, but they don’t capture some air toxics data, a Government Accountability Office report found. On a national level, there is an ambient air …

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