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March 17, 2024


NASA’s ‘Snap It!’ computer game teaches kids about solar eclipses

The game is a great introduction to how solar eclipses work and what you can expect to experience on April 8. Comments (0). nasa snap it game on a laptop screen graphic against a background of space. NASA’s “Snap it” game is a great way help kids learn …

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Betelgeuse: The ‘Next Supernova’ Exploding Star Is Acting Strangely Again

Go outside tonight when it gets dark and look to the southwestern sky. Can you see Orion’s Belt? Those three bright stars—Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka—are unmistakable, but so is a bright star just above it, the ruddy-colored supergiant Betelgeuse.

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Greenland Ice Sheet motion minimally impacted by late-season melting, study finds

Yet, the consequences are far-reaching in terms of freshening of seawater altering marine ecosystems, sea level rise exacerbating flooding and reduction of ice-albedo feedbacks that further modify Earth’s temperature.

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How To Easily Convince Someone To Come With You To See The Total Solar Eclipse

“Oh My God!” “This is crazy! “I’ll be dreaming about this for the rest of my life!” You’ve heard all about what it’s like to experience the brief moments of totality—when the moon completely blocks the sun—yet you’re having trouble convincing others to …

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UT News | The University of Texas at Austin

Keeping an Eye on Your Vision During the Solar Eclipse

Ahead of the April 8 total solar eclipse, a UT Health Austin ophthalmologist shares insights into the importance of protecting your eyes during the eclipse. “Make sure to prioritize your eye health before observing any solar eclipse,” advises Eileen …

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Astronomers reveal one of the most detailed pictures of an exploded star ever taken

Astronomers have taken the most detailed image of the Vela supernova remnant ever. The stunning, 1.3-gigapixel image is also the largest ever released from the Dark Energy Camera. Comments (0). This billowing mass of dust filaments and gas tendrils …

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Yahoo News

NASA’s Hubble telescope captures Jupiter’s giant storms swirling

Jupiter’s atmosphere is pockmarked with massive cyclones, including the most famous, the Great Red Spot, which is wider than Earth. Images taken by Hubble in January show the changing weather on both sides of Jupiter …

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The ‘devil comet’ is visible in the night sky, and is sticking around for the eclipse

A rarely-seen comet with a reputation for colorful flare-ups is once again visible from Earth. Even more unusual is that the latest arrival of the comet — known officially as 12P/Pons-Brooks — coincides with next month’s total solar eclipse and could …

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Fast Company

A geologist explains NASA’s complicated search for life on Mars

That includes evidence of long-gone liquid surface water, life-sustaining minerals and organic molecules. To find this evidence, Curiosity and Perseverance are treading very different paths on Mars, more than 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) from each other.

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A breakthrough in tiny tool tuning: making microscopic measurements more accurate

Structure of the FluidFM micropipette cantilevers. a Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) image of a FluidFM cantilever with a nanopipette head. b SEM image of a micropipette head with a circular aperture. c 3D reconstruction of the micropipette …

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