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March 13, 2024

CBS News

New York Times is sending copyright takedown notices to Wordle clones

The New York Times is sending copyright takedown notices to developers who have created games similar to its popular Wordle puzzle, with the newspaper saying it is doing so to “defend its intellectual property rights.” The New York Times’ letters, …

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The Fundamental Flaw at the Heart of the Internet

So how do we fix the internet? Berners-Lee knows as much as anyone that it cannot be achieved with Band-Aid solutions. Previous approaches to solving the internet’s ills—for example, the European …

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Apple will allow iPhone app downloads from websites in Europe

Apple said Tuesday iPhone users in the EU will be able to download apps from websites. · It’s the latest change forced by the European Commission’s Digital Markets Act. · Apple has fought against web downloads of software, often called sideloading,for years.

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Krebs on Security

Patch Tuesday, March 2024 Edition

Apple and Microsoft recently released software updates to fix dozens of security holes in their operating systems. Microsoft today patched at least 60 vulnerabilities in its Windows OS. Meanwhile, Apple’s new macOS Sonoma addresses at least 68 security …

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From AI assistants to Big Tech breakup: World Wide Web inventor’s top predictions as it turns 35

The World Wide Web officially turns 35 Tuesday, marking a major milestone in the development of modern technology. Tim Berners-Lee is credited with inventing the World Wide Web in 1989 while working at CERN, the Swiss particle physics research center.

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Quanta Magazine

Physicists Finally Find a Problem That Only Quantum Computers Can Do

Quantum computers are poised to become computational superpowers, but researchers have long sought a viable problem that confers a quantum advantage — something only a quantum computer can solve. Only then, they argue, will the technology finally be seen …

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The Hindu

What is a GPU? An expert explains the chips powering the AI boom, and why they’re worth trillions

As the world rushes to make use of the latest wave of AI technologies, one piece of high-tech hardware has become a surprisingly hot commodity: the graphics processing unit, or GPU. A top-of-the-line GPU can sell for tens of thousands of dollars, …

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Dark Reading

Critical RCE, DoS Hyper-V Vulnerabilities

The RCE bug in Hyper-V gives attackers a way to take complete control of affected systems and potentially compromise virtual machines housed on the Hyper-V server, says Sarah Jones, cyber threat intelligence research analyst at Critical Start.

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Financial Times

Apple bows to Brussels over App Store in latest EU concession

Apple will allow iPhone apps to be downloaded directly from their developers’ websites for the first time, a major concession to European regulators that marks the third time this year the big tech group has been forced to change its plan …

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Blizzard News

Overwatch 2 x Cowboy Bebop collab event now live!

Collect four brand-new Legendary skins that tip their hat to the beloved Cowboy Bebop anime series, including Spike Cassidy, Faye Ashe, Ed Sombra, and Jet Mauga. Each bundle includes the Legendary skin along with additional cosmetics, including name cards, …

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