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March 9, 2024


Are Apple’s new MacBook Air M3 laptops worth it? I’ve tested them to find out

A MacBook Air with M3 (15-inch, Midnight blue) is open on. Henry T. Casey/CNN Underscored. The MacBook …

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Apple reverses course, approves Epic Games for app store in Europe

Earlier this week, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney said that Apple had retaliated against the company for lawsuits and social media criticism by blocking the Sweden account. The episode was one of the first challenges to the …

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NYT ‘Strands’ Hints, Spangram And Answers For Friday, March 8

The New York Times’ Strands puzzle is a play on the classic word search. It’s in beta for now, which means it’ll only stick around if enough people play it every day.

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Apple retreats in Epic feud, allows Fortnite return in EU

Apple on Friday reinstated Epic Games’ developer account two days after it had blocked the company from launching its own online marketplace on iPhones and iPads in Europe. The game developer said it will move on …

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Jaguar under pressure to recall electric I-Pace after drivers report brake failure

Craig Phillips, the first winner of Big Brother, yesterday claimed the brakes on his electric I-Pace failed as he was driving with his young children. He said his £76,000 vehicle malfunctioned as he approached a red light near his home in Merseyside on New …

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Can the insect brain help us develop smarter, faster AI?

Part 2 of the TED Radio Hour episode Natural Intelligence. Dragonflies intercept their prey with 95% accuracy. Understanding how their brains function could be the key to building more efficient algorithms and tech. About Frances Chance.

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Analyzing the CEO–CMO relationship and its effect on growth

CEOs acknowledge the expertise and importance of chief marketing officers and their role in helping the company grow, yet there’s still a strategic disconnect in the C-suite. Here’s how to close the gap.

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The Tennessean

When will Fortnite be back up? Maintenance for Chapter 5: Season 2 expected to take longer

The server for the popular video game Fortnite is still down just before the launch of Chapter 5: Season 2 of the game. Epic Games, owner of Fortnite, currently has servers for Fortnite shut down for scheduled maintenance ahead of the release.

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Why is Fortnite not working? When Chapter 5 Season 2: Myths & Mortals will be up

Fornite Chapter 5 Season 2 was set to release on March 8, but with servers down what’s going on with the game? This newest season, titled Myths and Mortals, is centered on Greek mythology. During last weekend’s live event, Pandora’s Box was opened by …

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National Geographic

Our picks for the best sleep trackers

Worn on your finger like a traditional ring, the Oura gathers sleep data like quantity and quality, plus other data points, including blood oxygen rate, heart rate variability, and body temperature. These additional …

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