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February 25, 2024

CNET Australia

Honor Magic 6 Pro Hands-On: Proof Phones Are Getting Exciting Again

The Magic 6 Pro comes with futuristic eye-tracking tech, a silicon-carbon battery and AI. Updated Feb. 25, 2024 6:30 a.m. PT.

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Your Barbie Dream Phone Is About to Become a Reality

It turns out we, the Barbies, are getting our own phone. It’s pink and sparkly and it has our name on it. The Barbie Flip Phone will be made by HMD — the company responsible for breathing new life into Nokia phones — as the first in a series of brand …

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The most consistent drivers of 2024, according to robot testing

Beginning this year, GOLF’s ClubTest upped the ante and started testing all lofts across every model that underwent robotic testing with Golf Laboratories swing robot. The last two iterations of ClubTest saw us test just 10.5-degree heads at 95 mph, …

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A working parent’s review of the Apple Vision Pro

A dad — not the reviewer — tries the Vision Pro at an Apple store. David Swanson—AFP/Getty Images. I drove four hours over an …

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A hot pink Barbie flip phone is launching this summer

HMD, short for Human Mobile Devices, says it is launching a Barbie flip phone this summer, in a partnership with toy maker Mattel. It won’t be connected to the internet, making it a throwback to the “dumb phones” of yesteryear before smartphones became …

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Experimental technology enabled a historic moon landing

The Intuitive Machines’ Odysseus lunar lander captured a fish-eye view of Schomberger crater on the moon after touching down. Intuitive Machines. Hours before Odie’s landing, the spacecraft experienced …

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Odysseus Marks the First US Moon Landing in More Than 50 Years

But after what the spacecraft and its developer, Houston-based Intuitive Machines, went through earlier on Thursday, it was a miracle that Odysseus made it at all. Losing Your Way. The landing …

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Somerset County Council

Somerton Library celebrates five years of being volunteer-led

An institute has called for more libraries to be protected from potential council cuts. The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals say libraries are ‘vital’ high street service. It comes as volunteer-led Somerton Library, …

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