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February 20, 2024


These 9 Presidents Day 2024 TV deals are here to help you upgrade your cinema setup

Best Buy is a reliable retailer when it comes to finding big deals on big TVs for the holidays. Not only does it have a physical presence throughout much of the country, providing an opportunity to walk out of the store with your TV the same day you order …

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PS5 Pro ‘Likely’ Out Later in 2024, Analysts Say

Sony is “likely” to release a PlayStation 5 Pro later in 2024, analysts have told CNBC. This “souped-up” refresh would be designed to boost interest in PS5 after Sony admitted it expected the console’s sales pace of the console to start falling from …

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Apple Vision Pro 2 Release Date Sooner Than Expected, Insider Claims

You’ll be asked to sign into your Forbes account. Got it. Feb 19, 2024 …

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Sony: Hitting pause on PS5 profit? Respawn or game over?

While revenue has grown steadily, driven by the company’s market advantages, net income has fluctuated. This underscores the need for the company to address profitability concerns within the gaming segment, particularly regarding cost management and …

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Google’s AI Boss Says Scale Only Gets You So Far

In an interview with WIRED, DeepMind CEO Demis Hassabis says the biggest breakthroughs in AI are yet to come—and will take more than just chips.

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KTVU San Francisco

Scientists finally understand why insects are drawn to artificial light

LOS ANGELES – It’s a saying that has been used for centuries: Like a moth to a flame. But has anyone asked why moths are attracted to light? Finding a graveyard of moths inside a lamp is a common annoyance for any homeowner. But the actual reason these …

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Investor’s Business Daily

Adobe Brings Conversational AI To PDF Documents

Adobe (ADBE) on Tuesday introduced a generative artificial intelligence tool for its Acrobat and Reader products. The tool is likely to appeal to folks whose response to long PDF documents is “too long; didn’t read,” or TL;DR. But ADBE stock edged …

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What layoffs in the video game industry mean for developers and the games we love

By clicking “Accept All Cookies” or continuing, you agree to the use of cookies, similar tracking and storage technologies, and information about your device to enhance your viewing, listening and user experience, personalize content, …

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Last Day to Get Microsoft Office on Mac or Windows for $40

A lot of people who use Microsoft Office don’t really need a full subscription to the latest version, they just need to be able to open and perform basic actions on Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. If that’s your situation, skip the $7-a-month …

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Samsung Newsroom Malaysia

Five AI-Assisted Tools That Maximize Workplace Productivity — From Your Phone

With Galaxy S24, Samsung is harnessing AI to deliver new dimensions of personal convenience, productivity and communication into our daily lives. The impact will be profound in the world of work, where being productive on the go has become part of the job.

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