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February 19, 2024


Google Lengthens, Mixes, Broadens AI With Gemini Toolset

AI is growing. The push to develop, refine, segment and interconnect the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) as they become part of the essential components used in Artificial Intelligence (AI)-centric enterprise software applications is never far from …

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The Seattle Times

OpenAI gives ChatGPT a better ‘memory’ but it can also forget, mess up

The San Francisco artificial intelligence startup said Tuesday it was releasing a new version of its chatbot that would remember what users said so it could use that information in future chats. If a user mentions a daughter …

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Nintendo shares fall nearly 6% after report that the Switch 2 will be delayed until 2025

Shares of Nintendo fell on Monday after a report suggested the launch of the Switch 2, the next version of its flagship gaming console, would be delayed. Bloomberg reported on Saturday that Nintendo had told game publishers that the Switch 2 would be …

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Japanese space debris inspection probe launched

A Japanese firm said Monday it had successfully launched a spacecraft tasked with inspecting potentially dangerous man-made junk floating around the Earth. The European Space Agency (ESA) estimates that around one million pieces of debris from …

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Nintendo shares slide on reports of delayed Switch successor release

“We want to maintain the momentum of the Switch business,” Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa told an earnings briefing at the time. Reporting by Sam Nussey; Editing by Kim Coghill. Our …

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Business Today

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review: The latest flagship smartphone that has all the top-end features

CES 2024 set the tone for what we can expect this year—a heavy dose of AI in our daily lives. Take, for example, flagship phones—Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra, to be precise. The biggest differentiator from its predecessor, the S23 Ultra, lies in its AI …

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Apple iPhone 16 pro leak: New phones may have THIS radical camera design; netizens say ‘Eww’

Apple Inc. is gearing up to launch iPhone 16 later this year but a plethora of leaks about the phone is already out. In the iPhone 16 lineup, the cardinal upgrades will be reportedly oriented towards the camera. According to leaker Majin Bu, …

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The Straits Times

Nintendo shares plunge after game makers say Switch 2 pushed to 2025

TOKYO – Nintendo shares tumbled after reports that the company was pushing back the launch of its Switch successor to the beginning of 2025. The shares dropped as much as 8.5 per cent in Tokyo on Feb 19, their biggest intraday decline in a year.

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Emirates air hostess tries Apple Vision Pro on flight. Viral video

‘You’re the first person I have seen with this,’ the Emirates air hostess told digital creator Otto Climan. (Image credit: @otto.climan/Instagram). A video …

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The Hindu

Why OpenAI’s new video generator, Sora, is making a splash | Explained

Sora in Japanese means sky, an imagery that evokes ‘limitless creative potential’. The video clips produced by the AI-based image generator are so photorealistic that they will stun anyone who looks at them for the first time.

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