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February 18, 2024


ChatGPT vs. Gemini: Which AI Chatbot Subscription Is Right for You?

Google is the latest company to offer one of its best AI chatbots as a subscription product. In early February, the company began offering access to Gemini Advanced for $20 a month. In doing so, Google was following the precedent set by OpenAI, which sells …

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CBS News

OpenAI’s new text-to-video tool, Sora, has one artificial intelligence expert “terrified”

Another groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence tool from the company behind ChatGPT unveiled Thursday is expected to accelerate the proliferation of deepfake videos and have implications for virtually every industry. Sora, an AI application …

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Presidents’ Day TV deals for sports fans: Save 35% on Samsung, LG and more this weekend

This sale on CBS Sports readers’ favorite TV is probably the best of the TV deals we’ve seen in 2024 so far. Samsung’s “The Frame” is a brilliant high-resolution television and …

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The Guardian

Go with your gut: the science and psychology behind our sense of intuition

In his Future Minds Lab at UNSW, Pearson is engaged in the science of consciousness; in particular how information from our unconscious affects our decision-making, behaviour and feelings, and what effect emotion has on that process.

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Financial Times

Game over? Industry suffers slowdown after decades-long winning streak

Hardware sales are slowing, with Sony cutting its forecast for PlayStation 5 sales this week. Consumer spending on mobile gaming declined last year, down 2 per cent to $107.3bn according to Data.ai, which forecasts low single-digit …

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Weekly Tech Recap: From OpenAI’s Sora to Google’s Gemini1.5 model, checkout the top tech news of the week

A number of new announcements rocked the tech world this week, from the launch of OpenAI’s text-to-AI generation model Sora to the unveiling of Google’s new Gemini 1.5 language model, but fear not, we’ve got you covered with all the top news in this …

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Tech Insider

Xbox is now on sale at Target for less than it was on Black Friday

The sale follows reporting that Microsoft will make Xbox titles playable on other devices. PlayStation 5 consoles have widely outsold the next-gen Xbox consoles. Insider Today.

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Nintendo Is Telling Game Publishers Switch 2 Will Be Delayed

(Bloomberg) — Nintendo Co. is advising game publishers that its next-generation console will be delayed until the early months of 2025, according to people with knowledge of the matter. The successor to the popular Switch was targeted for release at …

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The Wall Street Journal

Why Google Searches Are Turning Up Some Wrong Answers

. Mitchell has bylined 150 articles, all of them written in search-friendly Q&A format. Lots of those articles include customer-service phone numbers, the go-to solution for more complex problems—and for less tech-savvy users.

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There’s AI, and Then There’s AGI: What You Need to Know to Tell the Difference

Per Mark Riedl, professor in the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing and associate director of the Georgia Tech Machine Learning Center, AI is “the pursuit of algorithms and systems that emulate behaviors we think of as requiring intelligence.”.

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