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February 17, 2024


OpenAI Tests Stronger ChatGPT Memory: Here’s What It’ll Remember About You

Not all users will get the new memory feature right now, but a broader rollout is coming soon. You’ll have the option to adjust the items that ChatGPT remembers or turn off the memory entirely.

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Sony’s PlayStation 5 Is Entering the ‘Latter Stage of Its Life Cycle’: What That Means

Sony says it expects PS5 sales to fall, and that it has no major new games planned for this year. Here’s why.

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OpenAI’s ‘Sora’ Has Rivals In The Works—Including From Google And Meta

ChatGPT maker OpenAI stepped up the race in generative artificial intelligence Thursday when it unveiled its text-to-video generation tool, Sora, viewed as an impressive but potentially dangerous step in the booming AI economy amid concerns about …

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Sony to partner with Seagate on hard disk drives used for AI -Nikkei

Sony Semiconductor Solutions is expected to start mass production in May of lasers used in the drives, and will invest about 5 billion yen ($33 million) in new production lines, Nikkei said. ($ …

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These 9 Presidents Day 2024 TV deals are here to help you upgrade your cinema setup

If you missed out on any of the huge TV discounts ahead of the big game, Presidents Day is your chance to make up for that. You can find TVs from popular brands, like Samsung and Hisense, on sale for hundreds or even thousands off. Here’s a look at some of …

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CBS News

OpenAI unveils Sora, a tool to make ultra-realistic videos from written prompts

The maker of ChatGPT on Thursday unveiled its next leap into generative artificial intelligence with a tool that instantly makes short videos in response to written commands. San Francisco-based OpenAI’s new text-to-video generator, called Sora, …

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Has Apple Changed VR and AR’s Trajectory with the Vision Pro?

What roadblocks slowed VR adoption? · Is spatial computing a frontier developers want to lean into? · Is VR an entertaining distraction? Is it more than a toy?

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Google’s Flagship AI Model Gets a Mighty Fast Upgrade

Gemini Pro 1.5, launching with limited availability today, is more powerful than its predecessor and can handle huge amounts of text, video, or audio input at a time. Demis Hassabis, CEO of Google …

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The 13 Best Electric Bikes of 2024

The best e-bikes also come with commuter-friendly features like fenders, integrated head and tail lights, and a long-lasting battery. Some wear the e-bike bonafides proudly, with visible batteries …

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Financial Times

Letter: Europe’s blind faith in its giant particle accelerator

It is understandable that the FT enthuses about breakthroughs enabled by advances in quantum theory (“Why we need Cern’s €16bn atom smasher”, FT View, February 10). What is not justified, however, is the blind support for a €16bn bid to …

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