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February 10, 2024

The New York Times

Fragments of Asteroid With Mystery Origin Are Found Outside Berlin

Astronomers tracked the entry of a small space rock into Earth’s atmosphere, and then meteorite hunters made an unexpected discovery. Share …

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The Washington Post

Robot set to perform simulated surgeries in space

Uncrewed cargo shipments to the International Space Station usually include critical supplies, science experiments and goodies such as hazelnut spread and ice cream for the astronauts aboard. But a recent resupply mission included a different kind of …

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Yahoo News

How Earth’s new Rubin Observatory will usher in the next era of asteroid space missions

The forthcoming Vera C. Rubin Observatory will never leave Earth itself, but the highly detailed, “big picture” view of the cosmos it will offer scientists may very well kick-start a new era of space exploration. The solar system is filled with …

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A tiny robot on the space station will simulate remote-controlled surgery up there

The robot is small in size but its aspirations are out of this world — literally. MIRA, which stands for miniaturized in vivo robotic assistant, recently became the first surgical robot at the International Space Station. The tiny robot, which weighs …

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Mars helicopter Ingenuity’s final resting place named after ‘Undying Lands’ in ‘Lord of the Rings’

Like some hobbits, a wee Martian helicopter received a special honor. The final resting place of NASA’s Ingenuity, grounded after its last flight on Jan. 18, now has a new name bestowed from fans of fantasy. “The Ingenuity team has nicknamed the spot …

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SpaceX’s private Polaris Dawn orbital mission delayed to summer 2024

We’ll have to wait a few more months to see the first-ever private spacewalk. Launch of the private Polaris Dawn mission — which aims to notch that milestone, as well as test SpaceX’s Starlink internet service in space and conduct a variety of science …

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InsideClimate News

Extreme Climate Impacts From Collapse of a Key Atlantic Ocean Current Could be Worse Than Expected, a New Study …

If the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation fails because of increasing freshwater inflows from melting ice sheets and rivers swelled by global warming, the authors said it would disrupt the climate globally, shifting Asian monsoon rainfall patterns …

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La Jolla Light

UCSD sending tumor cells into space to study growth and response to drugs

UC San Diego hematologist Dr. Catriona Jamieson stands in the “mission control” center on campus, where monitors show the location and activities of the International Space Station in real time. (Ashley Mackin …

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Discover Magazine

470 Million-Year-Old Fossils Convey Prehistoric Climate History

Two paleontology enthusiasts came across the fossil site in Montagne Noire, a mountain range in southern France, where they unearthed over 400 fossils of various ancient fauna. The fossils appeared to be in near-perfect condition …

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Laboratory Equipment

Scientists Discover Surprising Sensory Evolution in Fruit Flies

Key points: Researchers analyzed the gene expression patterns of five key scent-detecting tissues across six different Drosophila species to delve deeper into the molecular basis of smell. Many of the genes were uniform across fly species, …

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