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February 4, 2024


The Apple Vision Pro’s Killer App Is … Kitchen Timers

It’s meant to be the best mixed reality gear yet, so why are we again grading it on how well it helps us cook pasta?

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The Atlantic

The Apple Vision Pro Is Spectacular and Sad

What made her choke with laughter was my “persona,” the digital avatar that the device had generated when I had pointed its curved, glass front at my face during setup. I couldn’t see the me that Adrienne saw, but apparently it was uncanny. You look …

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Tim Cook’s 3-Word Answer About Apple’s Plans for AI was Incredibly Revealing

Now, of course, the Vision Pro–a virtual reality headset with exceptional passthrough video–is Apple’s bet on Spatial Computing. But, as Apple launches its first new …

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The Hill

Apple launches $3500 VR headset: What to know

Apple has launched its newest product, The Vision Pro, a virtual reality headset. It became available in Apple stores Friday in the United States. CEO Tim Cook welcomed waiting customers at Apple’s New York City Flagship store to unveil the company’s …

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FOX Weather

See what is possibly the last photo from Japan’s Moon lander

TOKYO – What could be the last photo from Japan’s historic Moon lander mission has been released, with the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) saying it does not know if it’ll be able to revive the spacecraft after the lunar night.

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