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January 28, 2024

CBS News

Father and son reminisce over buying the first Mac back in the 80s in Uptown

MINNEAPOLIS — This week marked 40 years since Apple launched the first Mac. The revolutionary computer helped pave the way for the iPod and iPhone, and for Apple to become the world’s biggest and most valuable company.

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Keep Up With Your Fitness Goals With This Under-Desk Cycle for Just $150

If you set a fitness goal for the new year but are having a tough time keeping up because you’re busy with work, there’s some home exercise equipmet that can help. For instance, an under-desk pedaling gadget, like this one from DeskCycle, …

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The Guardian

It was expensive and underpowered, but the Apple Macintosh still changed the world

After its hyperbolic, Ridley Scott-directed launch 40 years ago, Apple’s all-in-one computer was a commercial flop. And yet its impact is still being felt. Sat 27 Jan 2024 11.00 EST. 0. 0. Forty years ago this week, on 22 January 1984, …

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Oak Bay News

Saanich council renames field in honour of longtime volunteer couple

It’s hard for softball volunteer Pam Schon to know a world where the game exists without her partner Wes Jantzen. Jantzen, who passed away from cancer in December 2023, had been volunteering with Schon in his Saanich community for more than two decades …

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