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September 17, 2023


Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter team up to tackle 65-year-old sun mystery

The sun’s outer atmosphere is vastly hotter than its surface. Scientists may be close to figuring out why. Comments (0). A new groundbreaking measurement made by the Solar Orbiter spacecraft and the Parker Solar probe brings scientists closer than ever …

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BBC News

Antarctic sea-ice at ‘mind-blowing’ low alarms experts

The sea-ice surrounding Antarctica is well below any previous recorded winter level, satellite data shows, a worrying new benchmark for a region that once seemed resistant to global warming. “It’s so far outside anything we’ve seen, …

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NASA’s OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample return to Earth: Live updates

On Sept. 24, 2023, NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission will make history by returning samples of the asteroid Bennu to Earth after seven years in deep space. OSIRIS-Rex sample return to Earth. 11, : 10, : 04, : 28. Days, Hrs, Mins, Secs …

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NASA joins the still controversial search for UFOs

Reports of UAPs — unidentified anomalous phenomena — have long fascinated the public but were historically shunned by mainstream science. NASA on Thursday officially joined the search for UFOs—but reflecting the stigma attached to the field, …

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Astronomy Magazine

Plasma arc is Astronomy photograph of the year

The dazzling image and overall winner of the competition, Andromeda, Unexpected, was taken by Marcel Drechsler, Xavier Strottner and Yann Sainty. “It’s an enormous honor for our team to receive this important award …

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What were the strange lights that appeared over NJ Friday night?

If you saw a string of moving lights up in the sky over the weekend, you weren’t alone. No, it wasn’t aliens, but another round of satellite launches by SpaceX and Elon Musk. The lights are satellites and appear in the night sky in a single line before …

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Watch: Astronomer Captures Bright Flash In Jupiter’s Atmosphere

An amateur Japanese astronomer Tadao Ohsugi spotted a bright flash in Jupiter’s atmosphere. This flash one of the brightest ever recorded on the giant gas planet, was observed last month. According to a New York Times report, the astronomer sent an …

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Hindustan Times

53-feet asteroid racing towards Earth! Know what NASA reveals

One threat that is constantly looming on Earth is the danger from asteroids. Asteroid threat has been present for millions of years now. These ancient space rocks have periodically collided with Earth, shaping its history and causing the extinction of …

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Universe Today

A Collection of New Images Reveal X-Rays Across the Universe

Combining data from both Earth- and ground-based telescopes, the five images reveal a diverse set of astronomical phenomena, including the galactic centre, the death throes of stars, and distant galaxies traversing the cosmos.

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The Guardian

Tim Peake backs idea for solar farms in space as costs fall

Astronaut Maj Peake said the falling cost of launching heavy cargoes into orbit means that complex structures, such as solar power farms, could soon be launched into space, and had the potential to provide significant power.

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