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September 3, 2023


The Apple events landing page. Apple. September 2 update below. This post was first published on August 30, 2023. Apple’s fall special event, where it …

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Stephen Shankland has been a reporter at CNET since 1998 and writes about processors, digital photography, AI, quantum computing, computer science, materials science, supercomputers, drones, browsers, 3D printing, USB, and new computing technology in …

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BBC News

The tech giant Google and I almost share the same birthday… · Google turns 25 this month (I’ll have a few more candles on my cake) – and finds itself in a tech landscape that has changed dramatically since founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started it in …

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It’s a Wednesday night, and I’ve found my way to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. Its surface is harsh and uninviting. If I were to remove my spacesuit, I’d die. But inside an airlocked space station, a small colony of human settlers call this place home.

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Apple is set to shift its iPhone charging port from Lightning to USB-C after pushing back on such a change for years. Also: The company confirms the date of its Sept. 12 iPhone 15 event and aims to overhaul device production with 3D printers.

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