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April 29, 2023


The Google Brain-DeepMind merger is good for Google. It might not be for us

Hello and welcome to April’s special edition of Eye on A.I. Last week, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai announced that he was merging the company’s two advanced A.I. research labs, Google Brain, which operates out of the company’s headquarters in Mountain …

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Explainer: What next for Microsoft’s $69 bln Activision deal after UK ban?

The regulator’s decision reflected a flawed understanding of the market, it said. HOW DOES THE APPEAL PROCESS WORK? Microsoft can appeal to Britain’s Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT), an independent judicial body …

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Chinese tech giant NetEase plans new game development studio based in Seattle

Anchor Point Studios CEO Paul Ehreth, right, with Head of Operations Pere Torrents, left, and Ana Lin, people and culture specialist. (NetEase Photo). Chinese technology company NetEase announced this week that it plans to open a new game development …

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BBC News

Bristol cabaret event to celebrate black queer performers

A special LGBTQ+ cabaret night celebrating people of colour is to take place in Bristol. The Black Excellence event was created by drag king Manly Mannington, who said black performers were often overlooked. “Bristol is a diverse place, but the phone …

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Best Of: Judy Blume / Dismantling Anti-Fat Bias

Beloved YA author Judy Blume talks with Terry Gross about her books being banned, motherhood, and feminism. The first film adaptation of her breakthrough novel, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret, is now out in theaters. And journalist and writer …

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Aviation Week

Regional Air Mobility’s Potential Underappreciated, Advocates Argue

Moderator Patrick Edmond, of Irish aviation consultancy Altair (left), with, from left to right, Nick Rogers, Tine Tomažič, Claudio Camelier, James Dorris, and Darrell Swanson during the Revolution.aero panel discussion.

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Ars Technica

It’s the end of the line for yearly Windows 10 updates, says Microsoft

But version 22H2 will be the end of the road for Windows 10, according to a road map update posted yesterday. Microsoft product manager Jason Leznek reiterated that Windows 10 will continue to receive security updates until the October 2025 cutoff date, …

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MIT Technology Review

The Download: policing the metaverse, and the dangers of extreme climate solutions

This is today’s edition of The Download, our weekday newsletter that provides a daily dose of what’s going on in the world of technology. How an undercover content moderator polices the metaverse. Advertisement. When Ravi Yekkanti puts on his headset …

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The Guardian

AI has better ‘bedside manner’ than some doctors, study finds

The original questions were then posed to the AI language model, ChatGPT, which was asked to respond. A panel of three licensed healthcare professionals, who did not know whether the response came from a human physician or ChatGPT, rated the answers for …

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Wink News

Fort Myers Beach recovery efforts seven months after Hurricane Ian

La Ola is one of the places on Fort Myers Beach that’s open for business, and they know how to have a good time. “We have fun baby,” Isabel said. After having …

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