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April 23, 2023


Want To Make Your iPhone More Secure? Here’s What To Do

The iPhone is a highly desirable gadget and many thieves focus on Apple’s products as they offer high resale values. But there’s also a series of criminals who want to snag your iPhone for what’s inside it and have sophisticated ways to get in—while …

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What’s AGI, and Why Are AI Experts Skeptical?

ChatGPT and other bots have revived conversations on artificial general intelligence. Scientists say algorithms won’t surpass you any time soon.

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Car and Driver

2025 Porsche 718 Cayman/Boxster Will Be Porsche’s First Electric Sports Car

From the May 2023 issue of Car and Driver. WHAT IT IS. Aside from the follow-up to one of Porsche’s best models, it will be Porsche’s first electric sports car. Not a big deal, right? WHY IT MATTERS. An established Porsche model going electric will …

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Why we love voice notes

Illustration of a voice note with the sound bars gradually increasing and going outside of the. Illustration: Shoshana Gordon/Axios. The voicemail might be dead, but the quick little audio …

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Google Bard set to develop software codes with its latest AI chatbot upgrade

According to Google’s announcement on Friday, Bard will possess the ability to code in 20 different programming languages, including Python, C, and Java. Additionally, the AI chatbot will assist users in debugging and explaining code.

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The Hindu BusinessLine

Google Bard AI can now help write software codes

Google will update its generative AI chatbot, Bard AI, to help individuals write code and develop software. The chatbot was released to the public last month in order to compete with Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot. The announcement comes after a Bloomberg …

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The Hindu BusinessLine

Apple: Having problems with App Store billing? Here’s the fix

Apple has recently fixed the problem of App Store billing issues, and developers are free from the burden of solving it. Earlier when an app purchase failed due to a payment issue, users turned to app developers to get it fixed. Most App Store billings …

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How to protect yourself from iPhone thieves locking you out of your own device

From there, a thief could use the passcode to change the device’s Apple ID, turn off “Find my iPhone” so their location can’t be tracked, and then reset the recovery key, a complex 28-digit code intended to protect its owners from online hackers.

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The importance of GFCI outlets in your home

A GFCI outlet is a type of outlet that protects people from high-voltage shocks caused by ground faults. A ground fault occurs when an electrical path is unintentionally created between a current source and a grounded surface, such as a person.

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