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April 20, 2023


SpaceX’s uncrewed Starship explodes on launch attempt

The inaugural flight test is expected to complete nearly one full lap of the planet, ending with a splashdown off Hawaii. The FAA, which licenses commercial rocket launches, granted the company’s request for an uncrewed …

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iPhone Security Alert—Why You Should Always Use Face ID In Public

According to reports, a bunch of iPhone thefts have occurred after criminals “shoulder surfed” their victims, watching when they typed in their passcodes. The attackers then stole the devices and were able to log in …

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Watch live: SpaceX attempts its second launch of Starship, the world’s biggest rocket

SpaceX says its window for launching Starship opens at 9:28 a.m. ET on Thursday. SpaceX YouTube. SpaceX will try to launch its massive mega-rocket Starship again on Thursday after it was …

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Aviation Week

Space Force Developing Concept Of Operations For GMTI From Orbit

COLORADO SPRINGS — The U.S. Space Force is defining how it will track moving targets from orbit, as the service and the National Reconnaissance Office are in the early stages of building space-based moving target indication satellites.

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Snapchat’s AR technology comes to the real world with ‘AR Mirrors’

Snap today offered an update on its AR Enterprise Services (ARES), the company’s recently announced initiative focused on providing AR tools and expertise to businesses that want to leverage Snapchat’s technology in their own websites and apps.

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New Withings scale hides the heavy burden of knowing your own weight

Today, 14 years after the company introduced its first smart scale, health gadget startup Withings is introducing the Body Smart scale. The $100 scale is the baby brother in the company’s smart scale line, which also includes the $200 Body Comp and the …

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Anna Maria College

Senior Spotlight: Bob Howard

Name: Bob Howard. Hometown: Warren, MA. Major: Graphic Design. Why did you choose Anna Maria College? Accessibility was key for me. Anna Maria College was the only college in my region that offered a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

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FOX 10 News Phoenix

NAU professor, students assisting in mission to Mars to learn about its 2 moons

“If you think about this project—it’s pretty ambitious,” said Dr. Christopher Edwards, associate professor in NAU’s department of astronomy and planetary science. He’s over the moon about this opportunity …

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Professional Engineering

Nascar swaps racetrack for lunar surface with rover design

Nascar drivers are used to top speeds of 320km/h and oval tracks, but the American racing series’ potential new vehicle will go much slower – and cross a very different kind of surface. The organisation has teamed up with technology and engineering …

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The Hindu BusinessLine

Google’s Project Magi: Know how Google is revamping its search against Bing

Google will launch new AI-powered search tools next month, a report by The New York Times has revealed. The tools are developed under the codename Magi. The new features are initially set to be available to a maximum of one million users in the US.

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