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April 19, 2023


7 Google products to expect in 2023: Pixel Fold, Pixel 7a, and more

The stars have aligned for Google’s product roadmap in 2023, which includes new Pixel smartphones, Android 14, and the debut of the company’s first foldable. 1549928918804.jpg. Written by June Wan, Technology Editor on April 18, 2023 …

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Search Engine Land

Google’s interest-based ad experiments show ad spend, click-through rates down slightly

Advertiser spending on interest-based audiences (IBA) decreased by 2-7%, compared to third-party-cookie-based results. For conversions per dollar, the decrease was 1-3 …

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BBC News

Netflix crackdown on password sharing to begin soon

The streaming giant plans to stop people in the same household from sharing account details in the US and other countries by the end of July. The move, aimed at boosting subscribes, …

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Dark Reading

QBot Expands Initial Access Malware Strategy With PDF-WSF Combo

A recent surge in QBot Trojan attacks has been observed, spreading via malicious emails written in various languages, including English, German, Italian, and French. The emails are crafted using genuine business letters obtained by the attackers and …

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Aviation Week

Sierra Speeds Up Inflatable Habitat Plan With ILC Dover Deal

COLORADO SPRINGS—As part of plans to accelerate the development of a space-based commercial and industrial ecosystem, Sierra Space has formed a long-term strategic partnership with soft goods provider ILC Dover–the current supplier supporting the test …

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Open Access Government

All Roads Lead to TREM2: Gearing Up to Target This Receptor

CSF chemokines cast as biomarkers of TREM2 activation. More AD risk genes were implicated in the TREM2 signaling pathway. The protein encoded by the risk gene rhomboid family member 2 apparently stabilizes a protease that …

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Adobe Lightroom AI Feature Tackles a Massive Problem With Photos

Stephen Shankland has been a reporter at CNET since 1998 and writes about processors, digital photography, AI, quantum computing, computer science, materials science, supercomputers, drones, browsers, 3D printing, USB, and new computing technology in …

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DC Rainmaker

Garmin Edge 540 Cycling GPS In-Depth Review

And on the hardware side, both models got multi-band (dual-frequency) GPS/GNSS, USB-C charging, and the option for solar panels. But alongside those headliner …

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Gamers 50-Plus Are a Growing Force in the Tech Market

Gamers 50-plus are now 52.4 million strong, and they’re embracing gaming because they feel it’s time well spent, according to a 2023 AARP Research study. The representative national survey examined how much 50-plus gamers spend, what devices they use, …

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Aviation Week

Whisper Emerges From Stealth With Ultraquiet Electric Propulsion

Quiet electric propulsion startup Whisper Aero has emerged from stealth mode with a $32 million Series A funding round that will allow launch production of its electric ducted fan for U.S. Defense Department applications. Based in Crossville, Tennessee …

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