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April 18, 2023


Some Glimpse AGI in ChatGPT. Others Call It a Mirage

Sébastien Bubeck, a machine learning researcher at Microsoft, woke up one night last September thinking about artificial intelligence—and unicorns. Bubeck had recently gotten early access to GPT-4, a powerful text generation algorithm from OpenAI and …

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Google Issues New Warning For 3 Billion Chrome Users

Google has done an incredible job patching Chrome vulnerabilities this year, and it is remarkable that we got to April before the first Zero-Day exploit occurred. To put this in perspective, Chrome had 15 Zero Day exploits in 2021 and nine in 2022, so the …

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COVID during pregnancy may alter brain development in boys

Boys born to mothers who got COVID-19 while pregnant appear nearly twice as likely as other boys to be diagnosed with subtle delays in brain development. That’s the conclusion of a study of more than 18,000 children born at eight hospitals in Eastern …

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BBC News

WhatsApp and other messaging apps oppose ‘surveillance’

WhatsApp, Signal and other messaging services have urged the government to rethink the Online Safety Bill (OSB). They are concerned that the bill could undermine end-to-end encryption – which means the message can only be read on the sender and the …

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iOS 17 will reportedly set the stage for sideloading apps on iPhone

Apple has kept the iPhone app distribution system closed, allowing users to download the apps only from the App Store. But the company might be adding some gates to this walled garden to let people sideload apps on iPhones soon.

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Wink News

Insurance villages in Charlotte, Lee counties until Wednesday

Insurance villages are coming to help homeowners still battling with insurance companies more than six months after Hurricane Ian devastated Southwest Florida. Some homeowners have been offered far less than what it will cost to live in their homes …

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Alphabet shares fall on report Samsung may dump Google Search for Bing

In a response to Reuters, Google said it was working to bring new AI-powered features to Search without commenting on its association with Samsung. The South Korean consumer electronics major did not respond to a request for comment.

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New Zealand Herald

Juha Saarinen: Is the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra worth its price tag?

OPINION: The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra phone is heading back to Big S this week, and it’s a great device that I’ll miss, having used it for a month and a half. It’s a big, capable and of course, expensive super premium smartphone that should last users …

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Wink News

Lee County Utilities: Water may change color, odor, taste in May

During that time, Lee County Utilities will temporarily convert its disinfectant process from chloramines to free chlorine residual. This is a routine measure to ensure customers of clean, safe potable water, according to a county press release.

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The Indian Express

Google Devising Radical Search Changes to Beat Back AI Rivals

Written by Nico Grant. Google’s employees were shocked when they learned in March that South Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung was considering replacing Google with Microsoft’s Bing as the default search engine on its devices.

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