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April 6, 2023


The new Moto G Power 5G phone offers a promising screen and camera for $300

Motorola has announced its latest budget smartphone, the Moto G Power 5G. It’s a variation of the standard Moto G Power from last year, which we’ve named one of the best budget phones you can buy. The new version primarily focuses on lengthy battery …

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Sony Is Still Seriously Trying To Argue Microsoft May Sabotage ‘Call Of Duty’ On PlayStation

Of the many arguments against Microsoft’s acquisition of Call of Duty, one that Sony is pushing hard lately in the wake of things turning against its case is something akin to an accusation of…potential corporate espionage.

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Snapchat adds new safeguards around its AI chatbot

The new age filter tells the chatbot its users’ birth dates and ensures it responds according to their age, the company said. In the coming weeks, Snap also plans to provide more insights to parents …

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Pride of the Valley Update and Patch Notes

A new Realm door is open in the Dream Castle: The Lion King Realm! Welcome Simba and Nala to the Valley as you build your very own version of Pride Rock. Celebrate Disney Parks with …

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Space Ref

Apex’s Aries Spacecraft Will Fly for the First Time on SpaceX’s Transporter-10 Mission

Apex builds productized satellite buses, starting with their flagship Aries spacecraft, capable of a maximum 200kg wet mass. Apex spacecraft are produced in bulk and can be configured with different performance packages, enabling Apex customers to leverage …

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New aluminium Trek Émonda ALR gets aero tubing, hidden cables and moves to threaded bottom bracket

Trek has announced the third generation of its Émonda ALR, said to be the brand’s lightest alloy road bike and “highest-value road race bike”. Advertisement. The new Émonda ALR frameset includes features found on Trek’s carbon road bikes, …

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British GQ

The world’s best watch brands, explained

Unless you’re talking about Lionel Messi, The Beatles, or grandma’s cooking, the title “best” can be pretty subjective. That’s no less true when it comes to the best watch brands, which span a mind-boggling range of styles, price points and features, …

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Mechanism of messenger-RNA decoding in humans illuminated

Intracellular machines called ribosomes use messenger-RNA sequences to synthesize proteins. Investigations using single-molecule imaging and cryo-electron microscopy techniques reveal structural and kinetic differences in how human ribosomes function …

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PhoneWorld Magazine

Dry EEG Sensors Control Army Robots

A UTS researcher is fitted with a head-mounted AR lens over a blue elastic headband incorporating eight dry graphene EEG sensors at the back of the head. The round, white patch below his left ear is a wet silver on silver chloride sensor used as reference.

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3D printed cycling tech — what 3D printed bike products have taken off, and what’s coming in the future?

The world has gone 3D printing mad, and it seems like there is literally nothing that can’t be made using additive manufacture. That has extended to bikes too, of course, with everything thing from components, to contact points to whole bike frames being …

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