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April 3, 2023


Here’s what we’ve learned from NASA’s DART asteroid-slamming mission so far

An illustration of DART approaching its target asteroid system. NASA’s DART spacecraft slammed into the asteroid Dimorphos in September 2022. (Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/ …

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Why will NASA’s Artemis 2 only fly around the moon, not orbit or land?

The answer is that NASA is testing a wide range of new technologies, systems and procedures during Artemis 2, just as it did with Artemis 1, an uncrewed flight to lunar orbit that launched last November.

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Spaceflight Now

NASA set to announce crew of Artemis 2 moon mission

Artemis 1 was the first flight of NASA’s huge Space Launch System moon rocket, and marked the first time an Orion spacecraft flew to the moon. Artemis 2, the second SLS/Orion moon mission set for …

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The New York Times

Live Updates: NASA Is Naming the 4 Astronauts of the Artemis II Moon Mission

The crew of three Americans and one Canadian will be the first humans to fly toward the moon in more than 50 years. Give this article. Image A person in a helmet and coverall stands beneath a large metal fuel tank hanging from.

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Innermost TRAPPIST-1 exoplanet is hot and airless

View larger. | This artist’s concept shows what TRAPPIST-1 b might look like. NASA’s Webb space telescope revealed the planet is very hot on the side permanently facing its star and has no appreciable atmosphere. Image via NASA/ ESA/ CSA/ Joseph …

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Gaia discovers a new family of black holes

Using data from ESA’s Gaia mission, astronomers have discovered not only the closest but also the second closest black hole to Earth. The black holes, Gaia BH1 and Gaia BH2, are respectively located just 1,560 light-years away from us in the direction …

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NASA to announce astronauts chosen for Artemis II lunar flyby mission

April 3 (Reuters) – NASA plans on Monday to introduce the four astronauts for its Artemis II lunar flyby mission, set for launch as early as next year in what would be the first crewed voyage around the moon since the end of the Apollo era more than 50 …

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SpaceFlight Insider

Canadian Minister speaks in Houston ahead of Artemis 2 crew announcement

On Monday, April 3, 2023, Minister Champagne, on behalf of Canada and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) will join NASA representatives in revealing to the world who will be assigned to the four-person crew of Artemis 2, a mission planned to send humans …

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Did Tyrannosaurus rex have lips? Auburn professor’s research suggests yes

The Tyrannosaurus rex’s terrifying toothy grin from the films may not have been an accurate representation, according to new research by an international team that includes Thomas Cullen, an associate professor of paleobiology at Auburn University.

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A kissable Tyrannosaurus rex? Scientists now think lips hid dinosaur’s razor-sharp teeth

Like a Komodo dragon, the Tyrannosaurus rex needed lips to preserve its fangs, a new study says. Prior hypothesis’ believed T. rex teeth were like a crocodile’s, visible even when its jaw was shut. Camille Fine. USA TODAY. T. rex teeth — possibly up to …

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