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December 2, 2022

The Washington Post

The NFL hopes video games can get young people into sports again

In pursuit of young fans in video game spaces, the NFL announced Thursday an ongoing virtual presence in “Fortnite’s” Creative mode, called NFL Zone. The new partnership will include mini games, modified versions of “Fortnite” game modes using football …

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The Verge

Android is introducing an accessible reading mode and digital car key sharing

Three mobile devices and a smart watch displaying new Android features against an abstract backdrop. Android’s latest updates aim to boost accessibility and add fresh quality-of-life features for drivers and watchOS users …

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Mac Rumors

Apple’s iPhone 14 Emergency SOS via Satellite Feature Saves Stranded Man in Alaska

The man was rescued successfully and there were no injuries. The area where he was located is remote and on the fringes of where satellite connectivity is available. Apple says that satellite connectivity might not work in places …

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Today’s interactive Google Doodle honors Jerry Lawson, a pioneer of modern gaming

Anyone who goes online Thursday (and that includes you, if you’re reading this) can stop by the Google homepage for a special treat: A set of create-your-own video games inspired by the man who helped make interactive gaming possible.

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Twitter alternative Hive shuts down its app to fix critical security issues

The company has now taken the fairly radical step of fully shutting down its servers for a couple of days in response to concerns raised by security researchers who discovered a number of critical vulnerabilities on Hive, several of which they say remain …

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Search Engine Land

Google is updating its Display and Video 360 Account Level Suspensions policy

Coordinated deceptive practices; Counterfeit; Promotion of unauthorized pharmacies; Unacceptable business practices; Trade Sanctions violation; Sexually explicit content. The new policy page will also detail that a partner account will be suspended if …

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Mac Rumors

iPhone Users Can Now Share Digital Car Keys With Pixel Users, Wider Android Support Coming Soon

In 2020, Apple introduced a digital car key feature that allows users to unlock and start a compatible vehicle by bringing an iPhone or Apple Watch near the driver-side door. The car keys are stored in the Wallet app in the same way that a credit card …

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Does Ridley’s new Grifn all-road bike really put an end to N+1?

Ridley has had all-road bikes – sometimes called road plus or gravel light bikes – in the past, starting with the X-trail in 2015. This bike was renamed Kanzo Speed three years ago and …

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Activision Blizzard Joins Wedbush’s Best Ideas List. Microsoft Can Address Regulator Worries.

Wall Street is still worried antitrust regulators could force Microsoft to ditch its acquisition of Activision Blizzard . With the Call of Duty maker’s shares trading at a steep discount to the $95 all-cash takeout price, Wedbush added the stock to its …

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Ridley Grifn first ride review

Ridley’s all-new Grifn all-road bike is a bold step for the Belgian brand. Advertisement. Why? It has to compete with a range of Ridley bikes including the …

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