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November 27, 2022


SpaceX Dragon cargo ship docks at space station to deliver solar arrays, seeds and more

SpaceX’s latest Dragon cargo ship arrived at the International Space Station (ISS) early Sunday (Nov. 27) to deliver tons of fresh supplies, new solar wings nd even some ice cream for the orbiting lab. The robotic Dragon spacecraft docked with the …

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Spaceflight Now

Watch live: SpaceX supply ship on track to arrive at space station

This is the final reusable Cargo Dragon spacecraft SpaceX plans to build to meet NASA’s cargo transportation needs for the station through 2030. The CRS-26 mission is packed hardware, supplies, and experiments for the …

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Florida Today

Planetary defense: NASA’s arsenal for protecting Earth from potential killer asteroids

Small teams of scientists scramble to alert world leaders that repeatedly dismiss the warnings. But when it becomes clear that the scientists were right, space agencies race to hastily launch rockets armed with nuclear warheads to blow the asteroid apart …

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Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel

What’s up in December: Mars reaches highest opposition in 2 decades

All seven members of our family of planets will be visible in the evening sky. By By BERNIE REIM.

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What’s up in December: Mars reaches highest opposition in 2 decades

Mighty Mars reaches its highest and best opposition in nearly two decades on Dec. 8, and it will even be occulted by the moon a few hours earlier on the night of the 7th. All seven members of our family of planets will be visible in the evening sky, which …

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Canton Repository

Sky Shorts: Celebrating 50th anniversary of final Apollo mission

By landing astronauts on the moon before the Soviet Union, the United States met its technological, economic and political superiority goals. But a large portion of Apollo was dedicated to …

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2023 meteor shower calendar: When to see the brightest shows of the year

The northern hemisphere’s biggest meteor showers — the Quadrantids, the Perseids, and the Geminids — come in January, August, and December, but there are plenty of other shows that will make it worth your while to stay up late — or get up very early.

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The Jerusalem Post

Mars Perseverance rover finds organic molecules that could indicate life

New findings could indicate an environment hospitable for life was once on the Red Planet, but more research is needed. Twitter Email LinkedIn Whatsapp Facebook. NASA’s Perseverance rover found signs of organic compounds that could indicate there was …

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NASA’s Artemis I Orion flies past record distance set by Apollo 13

— Houston, we have a new record holder. NASA’s Artemis I Orion capsule has now traveled farther beyond Earth than any spacecraft designed to carry astronauts. The uncrewed Orion flew past the record-setting …

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NASA and ESA’s Hubble telescope pictures pair of merging galaxies

Elaborating more, the European Space Agency (ESA) said the Arp-Madore catalog is a batch of unusually distinct galaxies spread throughout the southern sky and consists of a set of elegantly interacting galaxies along with astonishing colliding galaxies.

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