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November 16, 2022

Mac Rumors

Images of Unreleased ‘Apple Magic Charger’ Surface Online

Rare Apple product collector and Twitter user “TheBlueMister” first shared images of the unreleased accessory earlier this month. Since then, other collectors based in Asia seem to have got their hands on Design Validation Test (DVT) versions of the device …

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The New York Times

Live Updates: NASA’s Artemis Rocket Launches Toward Moon on Mighty Columns of Flame

The uncrewed mission overcame scrubbed launches, hurricanes and late launchpad drama to kick off a key test of America’s ability to send astronauts back to the moon. Give this articleGive this articleGive this article. Video. Advertisement. LIVE.

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Microsoft Launches New Games for Work App to Play During Team Meetings

The next time you jump into a Microsoft Teams meeting, there’s a chance your manager will want to kick off a Solitaire tournament. Why? Microsoft just introduced Games for Work, a new app featuring a lineup of online games that colleagues can play on …

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Ars Technica

Researchers break security guarantees of TTE networking used in spacecraft

Enlarge / People look inside an Orion spacecraft simulator, which is used to train for docking to the Gateway space station, at the Johnson Space Center’s System Engineering Simulator facility in Houston. Getty Images …

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Backbone launches an Android version of its mobile gaming controller

That’ll change soon. This week the company is starting to roll outs its Android-focused model, swapping out USB-C in place of the Lightning connectivity of the iPhone build. The Android …

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The Washington Post

iPhone 14s now can send SOS via satellite. Use it carefully.

By adding satellite SOS to its newest phones, Apple is taking what was a niche safety feature and offering it to millions of iPhone 14 owners. They can use it to reach emergency services in everything from natural disasters and wilderness adventures to …

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New iPhone safety feature allows users to send emergency texts without service or WiFi

Apple is broadening its user safety features, launching a new satellite service Tuesday that lets iPhone 14 users send emergency SOS messages when there is no WiFi or cellular service. In addition, new technology can detect when you and your Apple device …

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The Next Platform

HBM Gives Xeon SPs A Big Boost On Bandwidth Bound Work

If there is one bright spot in the Xeon SP server chip line from Intel, it is the version of the “Sapphire Rapids” Xeon SP processor that has HBM memory welded to it. These chips make a strong case for adding at least some HBM memory – or something …

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OnePlus 9RT receives Android 13 operating system update: Here’s what’s new

It updates the firmware version to IN: MT2111_11.F.11. OnePlus says that the stable OxygenOS 13 will initially be available to users who participated in the Open Beta versions. It will be gradually pushed to more users over the next few days.

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Garmin unveils Tacx NEO Bike Plus indoor smart bike – but it doesn’t come cheap

“Fully adjustable, [it] can quickly be customised to match the fit of an outdoor bike and is designed to be used by multiple athletes in the household. Plus, when paired with the Tacx Training …

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