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November 11, 2022


Sonic Frontiers Pinball

As you reach the end of Chaos Island, the third Island within Sonic Frontiers, you’ll be tasked with completing a Pinball minigame to progress. A specific score is required to complete it, but you have limited attempts before you’re completely reset.

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Grave Stone Puzzle Solution

Sonic Frontiers has innumerable platforming puzzles and challenges, but every so often a unique conundrum presents itself like with A Grave Mystery. On Kronos Island, you’ll see a large number of Gravestones that will eventually require specific …

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The Stanford Daily

East Bay exhibition offers a (VR) visit to the space station

“Space Explorers: THE INFINITE,” an interactive exhibit in Richmond, California, allows attendees to experience the International Space Station (ISS) in VR. It also features an immersive art show by Ryoji Ikeda, “The Universe within the Universe.” …

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Dark Reading

5 Easy Steps to Bypass Google Pixel Lock Screens

The November 2022 Android update includes a remediation for a bug that could allow an attacker to bypass the Google Pixel lock screen. The researcher behind the discovery, David Schütz, reported the Google Pixel security flaw back in June after a …

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Laptop flaws could help malware survive a hard disk wipe

PC manufacturer Lenovo has been forced to push out a security update to more than two dozen of its laptop models, following the discovery of high severity vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

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Review: Apple’s 10th-gen basic iPad and M2 iPad Pro

Apple recently released its latest iPad models in New Zealand featuring an array of upgrades and new colour options. The 10th-generation basic iPad and new iPad Pro each have improvements on the versions released last year, but also a few choices Apple …

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Google Play to pilot third-party billing in new markets, including US; Bumble joins Spotify as early tester

Google today announced it’s expanding its user choice billing pilot, which allows Android app developers to use other payment systems besides Google’s own. The program will now become available to new markets, including the U.S., Brazil and South …

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