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November 10, 2022

The Verge

Why NASA is launching a new polar satellite

This Thursday, a new Earth observation satellite will launch into space, where it will help scientists forecast the weather and keep an eye on increasingly common extreme weather events. The satellite, called Joint Polar Satellite System-2 (JPSS-2), …

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Heat shield that could land humans on Mars is hitching a ride to space

When a polar satellite designed to improve weather forecasting launches Thursday, an experimental heat shield will tag along. It could land humans on Mars. The two separate missions will both launch aboard a United Launch Alliance …

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The Weather Channel

In a First, Scientists Discover a Dead Star With a Solid Crust!

Neutron stars, essentially the end-products that form when the largest stars in the universe collapse to impossible densities, are already one of the most remarkable celestial objects we see in space. If black holes were the ivy league universities, …

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Sea levels might rise much faster than thought, data from Greenland suggest

Greenland’s largest ice sheet is thawing at a much higher rate than expected, a new study has revealed, suggesting it will add six times more water to the rising sea levels than previously thought. And the trend may not be limited to Greenland, scientists …

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Astronomers Discover Closest Known Black Hole to Earth

Most black holes are born from the deaths of large stars, according to NASA. When stars roughly ten times the mass of the sun or bigger reach the ends of their lives, they collapse in powerful supernova explosions.

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CBS News

New Webb telescope image shows ‘lonely’ dwarf galaxy in striking detail

(CNN) — The James Webb Space Telescope has snapped a remarkably detailed image of a nearby dwarf galaxy. The near-infrared view reveals the deepest glimpse yet into a stellar panorama that could offer astronomers an ideal means of studying aspects of …

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Hubble Telescope captures ‘stellar explosion’ of star from over 11 billion years ago

The discovery comes over a decade after the telescope took photos of the Abell 370 galaxy cluster in 2010. Researchers were combing through data when just behind the galaxy, they discovered images had been taken of a supernova, which is the dying of a …

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Neurons that promote recovery from paralysis identified

Spinal-cord injury can lead to a debilitating loss of movement and sensation. Although full recovery of mobility remains an elusive goal, electrical stimulation of the spinal cord during rehabilitation has enabled substantial improvements in movement, even …

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Ars Technica

China ditches expendable rocket plan for its Moon program

In 2016 the country’s state-owned rocket developer, the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, began designing the “Long March 9” rocket. It looked more or less like the large heavy lifter NASA was designing at the time, the Space Launch System.

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Meteorite Crash Reveals Huge Chunks Of Ice On Mars

On December 24, 2021, NASA’s InSight lander recorded a magnitude 4 quake on Mars. At first, scientists had no idea what had caused the tremor. However, that changed in February 2022 when the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted a new crater on the Red …

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